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Email Prints Are Just Charming

HP ePrint

Rating: ★★★★☆

A printer with its own email address may sound a little weird but as soon as you turn on the product, a page will automatically print giving you all the set-up information you need.

It provides a unique email address for the machine that anyone can send messages to. They will only know this address if you give it out to them.

A special website also allows you to log on and set permissions for senders, blocking strangers from emailing your device and creating a safe list for those who are allowed to get through.

For the system to work, your ePrint printer must be connected to your wireless network and be switched on. It has wireless technology built-in and making a connection between it and your router is very simple using either the touchscreen on the printer or its static display and letter/number keys.

I’ve found it very handy. When on the move I can send myself reminders and notes that are then waiting for me when I return home. You could even use it to send messages and thoughts to other members of the family.

And by giving the unique email address to relatives and friends, they can send you documents or images simply by attaching them to the message.

The ePrint system is like a 21st century fax, without the need for a number to dial up to.

HP ePrint also works with its own special Apps that can print you the latest news, provide templates for photos and bring entertainment content, maps, recipes and kids games into your home or office.

If you’re an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad user, ePrint is also compatible with Apple’s AirPrint letting you print wirelessly from those mobile devices – and that’s a very useful feature for owners of the Apple tablet computer.

There are a few different models available in the ePrint range. Top of the gadgets is the HP PHOTOSMART ESTATION ALL-IN-ONE. It costs £379.99 from Comet but comes with its own tablet computer that doubles as the touchscreen display.

It can be removed to use around the home for accessing apps and seeing the latest news and content from the internet in the palm of your hand.

Others in the PhotoSmart range include the £44.99 HP PHOTOSMART WIFI E-AIO with scanner and copier or the HP OFFICEJET PRO 8500 E-AIO for those who want to use it for work.

The HP PHOTOSMART PREMIUM E-AIO with copier and scanner is great for general home use and prints excellent photographs.

You can find out more about HP ePrint on the HP website by clicking this link.

Once you try this technology, you’ll soon find a use for it. Even if it’s just sending the shopping list home to the other half or reminding the children in big bold type to “DO YOUR HOMEWORK”.


  • Print from anywhere, anytime
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Not many apps
  • No printer cable in box


HP’s ePrint technology doesn’t cost much more than other similar devices, so when you need to buy a new printer, it’s certainly one to consider trading up to.

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