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Eggs, iPad 3 at CES, war with Samsung… top Apple stories this week

It has been all go in the world of technology this week. We’ve had rumours, details, and the odd new smartphone, not to mention CES 2012.

And Apple, never one to shy away from the limelight, has been no different. It should have been all about CES this week, and yet somehow we are still talking about Apple.

Is it just because we love Apple so much, or because the tech giant is playing a clever marketing game to keep itself top of people’s minds?

We’re not sure, but in a week where there has been a major tech show that didn’t involve Apple, we seem to be talking about it an awful lot. So what has it been up to this week?

Apple store gets egged

We thought Apple fans got a bit crazy around the launch of a new product here in the UK, but we’ve got nothing on the Chinese.

Apple’s Beijing store came under fire from angry customers when they were told it would not open to sell the iPhone 4S. Most had been queuing through the night, and did not take kindly to the shop’s decision.

Apple iPad 3 at CES?

Apple had no official presence at CES, but rumours were flying that it had gone incognito at the event to make sure people were still talking about it.

According to tech website iLounge, the iPad 3 was doing the rounds at CES, disguised as an iPad 2. This claim is dubious at best, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was true.

Apple gearing up for war with Samsung

Earlier this week we looked at how the long-awaited Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 would match up.

It looks like they’ll be released months apart, but are set to be two of the biggest smartphones of the year. And we can’t wait for the battle to begin!