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EE 4G UK release date, prices, coverage and speeds revealed

Everything Everywhere (EE) has announced its 4G UK pricing, release date and coverage with the super-fast service arriving on 30 October with tariffs starting at £36 for 500MB of data and then increasing to £56 for 8GB.

Everything Everywhere 4G UK prices:

The contracts are: 500MB for £36, 1GB for £41, 3GB for £46, 5GB for £51 and finally a cool 8GB for £56 per month. All the contracts are 24-month and there are several upgrade incentives in place.

If you’re on T-Mobile or Orange and have a 4G handset such as the iPhone 5 you can swap to an EE plan and the months you’ve already used will be absorbed into the 24-months so you won’t have to start all over again.

For those who are on T-Mobile or Orange and don’t have a 4G handset then upgrades will start from £99 with the ability to upgrade much earlier than normal.

All the EE contracts give you the option to choose one of three bundles; Free music, Gaming and Live TV. Free music comes in the form of free subscription to the Deezer music service letting you stream or listen offline to 18 million tracks.

Gaming gives you two games a month worth £10 to download and then keep. Finally Live TV is an EE exclusive which will give the user access to stream up to 19-channels including Channel 4, Eurosport and Cartoon Network.

Everything Everywhere 4G UK coverage:

EE 4G UK will launch initially in ten cities across the UK including London, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield and Glasgow, 4G will also be partially available in Southampton.

By Christmas EE plan to have expanded to a further five cities; Belfast, Derby, Hull, Nottingham and Newcastle.

Everything Everywhere Clone Phone:

Clone Phone is Everything Everywhere’s version of smartphone insurance and will be available three different forms starting from Clone Phone Lite which is free for EE customers up to Fully Loaded which could cost £14 depending on the phone.

Lite gives you 500MB to backup your contacts and calendars, this won’t eat into your data allowance either. Loaded costs from £4 and offers users 16GB of backup, again contacts and calendars don’t use data while media can be backed up over WiFi. You also get Find my Phone and remote lock.

Finally there’s Fully Loaded which, for iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 LTE users will cost £14. For that you’ll get 24hour replacement regardless of whether it’s lost, stolen or damaged. You also get 16GB backup and the Find my Phone and Remote Lock service.

Everything Everywhere 4G Devices:

Everything Everywhere will be available on launch for the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE, Apple iPhone 5, HTC One XL LTE, Huawei Ascend P1 LTE, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE. EE have confirmed that more handsets will be added along the way.

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EE 4G UK release date, prices, coverage and speeds revealed


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