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Eat Yourself Healthy with these Cooking Gadgets

Everyone knows the rules…

Christmas and New Year are for eating, drinking and being very merry, whereas January is for dieting, exercise and cutting down on all that merriment, booze and unhealthy eating.

So if you overindulged during the festive period – and let’s face it, who didn’t – we’ve compiled this handy list of gadgets, apps and websites that should be a good start to help you get
back in shape.

Well, at least until this Christmas anyway.

George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine

There’s only one place to start in a guide like this… with the most famous piece of healthy eating kit around. Delivering a knockout punch to his food rivals, like he once did to those in the boxing ring, George Foreman is the undisputed king of the grill. His machines cook your meat but drain off all the unhealthy fat and grease – making for a tastier dinner time that’s
better for your body.

Kids’ Food Adventure

It’s a question as old as parenting itself, how to get your kids to eat nutritious food? Everything has been tried – from funky colours to hiding it in their favourite snacks – and most of the time, those best laid plans fail. That’s where this app for iPhone and iPad comes in with bright colours, fun facts and reward stickers to get them eating in a way that’s good. It’s certainly worth a try.

Tefal Actifry

A fryer that makes chips healthier sounds too good to be true, but in this case it is actually true. A unique paddle system means you cook your potatoes in just one tiny spoonful of oil, but the resulting chips taste like you’ve been down the chippy. Now we just need someone to invent that slimming ice cream maker!

Magimix Le Duo XL Juice Extractor

Everyone knows that fruit juice is good for you, but making your own is always superior to picking a bottle off the supermarket shelf. Just stick your fresh fruit or veg into this Magimix, press the button and drink. Simple.

Kenwood Smoothie Maker

This Kenwood, nicknamed the Smoothie 2GO, is the perfect companion to your home juice extractor. With a travel mug and compact blade you can take it with you to work, school or even the gym – meaning you’ll get your five-a-day wherever you are.

Smoothie Web

Of course, there’s no point having all this fancy kit if you don’t know what to put in it. That’s why we love the world’s No1 smoothie website, which contains thousands of easy-to-follow recipes. There’s even a section devoted to alcoholic versions for when you’re feeling naughty. Just at least, not in January!

Healthy in a Hurry

Steering clear of takeaways and ready meals when living life in the fast lane can be tough, which is why everyone should have this free app on their Apple device. It puts 200 fast cooking recipes, each with a full nutritional breakdown, in the palm of your hand. Now you just need to use them.

Russell Hobbs Food Steamer

Steamed food retains more vitamins and minerals than other ways of cooking, which is why many people are turning to steamers such as this for their fish, chicken, rice, potatoes and vegetables. We can’t guarantee it’s as nice taste-wise as drenching your food in oil and frying it, but you’ll feel better afterwards.

NHS Healthy Eating Guide

Where better to turn for advice on health than the National Health Service? Some of the tips here, such as eating five fruit and vegetables a day, are obvious – but information such as reducing the risk of food poisoning or beating common digestive problems is useful and may prevent a trip to a doctor – thus actually saving the NHS money.

Salter Bathroom Scale

This may be the best investment you make as you try to shake all that excess Christmas fat. And if you’ve followed the nine tips above, hopefully that dial is now moving in the right direction.

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