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Easy-to-Use Laser Printer from Samsung

A new monochrome laser printer from Samsung combines easy to use features with a cool, compact and environmentally friendly design.

Ideal for either personal, home office or small office use, the monochrome laser printers – ML-1860, ML-1865 and ML-1865 aim to make life easier while still producting quality prints.

The new printers encompass a ‘one-touch’ feature for easy and quick ways to print exactly what you see on your computer screen.

Additionally it has wireless enabled features, which means that the user simply has to press a button to make the connection, with Wi-Fi Protected Setup so the connection is secure.

The AnyWeb Print software means you can select specific content from web pages into a new blank page to then print without worrying about ending up printing all the adverts on the page, too.This means users do not waste paper or ink printing information they do not require.

“Consumers don’t want to wait for their prints or waste paper and toner,” said Anne-Marie McGarry B2C Product Marketing Manager, Samsung Electronics.

“That is why this range of easy to use one-touch devices not only allows consumers to easily print what they want, they can also save paper and toner.”

Protecting the Environment

The buttons on the actual printer make it so obvious and easy to use consumers will be more likely to switch them off when they are not in use, saving electricity in the process.

Samsung claim this could save 9.55 watts per hour, which over a year equates to the same amount of energy a light left on for over 18 days would use.

The cartridges used for the laser printer supply a 1500 page yield providing high quality prints but using less ink so you do not need to top up as often.

A cover on the output tray makes the printers streamline and helps to keep the noise of printing down so work is not disturbed if used in an office.