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E books by night – Amazon prepares latest Kindle

The Kindle Touch may have only just been released here in the UK, but it seems that Amazon is already preparing another device for this summer.

Before you get your hopes up, it’s not the Kindle Fire – your guess is as good as ours over a timeframe for the low-cost tablet’s UK release.

We may not be seeing the iPad challenger that has taken the US by storm just yet, but Amazon’s upcoming Kindle is likely to excite people all the same.

According to reports, citing the usual sources close to the company, the online retail giant is preparing a Kindle ereader with a built-in front light.

New Amazon Kindle ereader

It is an exciting prospect, especially for anyone who has tried to read their Kindle in poor light. With the new ereader, torches or bedside lights can be a thing of the past.

According to the reports, the new Kindle, complete with reading light, will go on sale in July – in the US at least. But a UK release will surely not be far behind.

Aside from the reading light, little else is expected to change in the new Kindle ereader. We can expect a touch 3G and touch Wi-Fi version, both of which will feature a monochrome E ink display

Will it be a success?

At the moment, people wanting to read their Kindle in the dark have to buy an external reading light (or just buy a torch), so there is certainly some demand.

“I do see demand for a front-lit Kindle,” said Jennifer Colegrove, of display trends analytics company DisplaySearch.

The source close to Amazon has said that the light will have little impact on the low price-tag of the Kindle, as Amazon is able to keep costs down elsewhere.

But there’s no doubt there will be trade off with battery life – a big selling point of the current Kindle ereaders. And a price increase, even a small one, could cause people to just buy a torch instead and keep their long battery life.

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