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Dyson’s Ultra Lightweight Ball Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC24 Exclusive Cleaner

Rating: ★★★★☆


Dyson’s DC24 is an ultra lightweight ball vacuum cleaner and at a mere 5.4kg, its Dyson’s lightest upright yet and is on a smaller scale compared with upright predecessors.

It has a similar design and feel to previous uprights from Dyson, however, it’s nice and compact and manoeuvres well thanks to its ball technology, allowing to you twist and turn without much effort.

Also, thanks to its size and weight, carrying it up the stairs was a real breeze and the long reaching hose meant I could reach long distances and up high without any problems at all.


The suction is better than I could have expected for such a lightweight model.

It picked up dust and small particles well and left my carpet looking thoroughly clean.

Tools & Accessories

The motorised brush bar can be turned off for hard floors and rugs, so this made cleaning a lot easier and was delicate on my wooden floors.

The accessory tools were very easy to change and clicked into place with little effort making it very simple to alternate between them.

The adjustable wand is reversible to reach out-of-the-way spots more easily, which is great for reaching up to remove cobwebs from ceilings for example.


The clear bin meant I was able to see when it was getting full and needed emptying. Detaching and emptying the bin was extremely simple with a quick release button to remove the canister and another to release the dirt from inside. Once emptied, it simply popped back into the unit with a simple click.


  • reversible wand
  • easy to empty
  • easy to store


  • none
  • probably not ideal for larger spaces


I floor tested this on my kitchen tiles, wooden floors and carpets and was very impressed with the results, usability, design and the fact it was extremely lightweight. Plus, being more compact, it was even easier to find a spot for it to store away.  However, you’d probably want to stick to the original size models for larger floor areas.

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