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Dyson’s DC39 Animal Complete Customer Review

Dyson DC39 Animal Complete

Rating: ★★★★☆

I have high expectations of a vacuum cleaner and the main qualities that I would hope to find are efficiency, durability and ease of use. I like to get the job done quickly so cannot abide weak suction.

Dyson’s DC39 claims:

  • ‘Engineered to remove more dust’
  • ‘Captures more dirt than any other cyclone’
  • ‘The only turbine head controlled at the handle’
  • ‘Ball technology turns on the spot’
  • ‘Engineered for reduced noise levels’

The packaging of the Dyson is great and the kids and I were perhaps a little over-excited by unwrapping the components and many attachments. First impressions were that it looks modern and exciting to use (as much as you can be excited about vacuuming) but is a little larger and heavier than expected. I was also left with an awful lot of packaging to dispose of, although a lot of it cardboard, so recyclable.

It was easy enough to put together. It comes with 6 attachments and a spot cleaner spray for any spills on carpets or upholstery. I don’t often use attachments as I find them a bit of a hassle, but gave them a try. I found the ‘Combination accessory tool’ very useful and effective for getting into crevices and for dusting. The ‘Flexi crevice tool’ is great in principle, however I found it too wide to fit into the gaps in which I needed to use it. Living in a flat, I don’t have any use for the stair tool although it looks to be handy. The detachable handle allows you to attach these tools easily.

This product features a Triggerhead tool, which controls the turbine head at the handle. It basically allows you to switch the brush bar off when cleaning delicate rugs and hard floors, with a fingertip control rather than having to bend down to the actual turbine head itself. This does mean less faffing about and enables you to get the job done more efficiently, which I am all for!

I was also impressed with the plug recoil device, which returned the plug into place quietly and gently (unlike my previous vacuum cleaner which I often had to jump out of the way of!)

What I like most about this product is its manoeuvrability. It does feel effortless to move around which makes the job a lot easier. The vacuum followed me around obediently as I moved from room to room, which is due to it’s ‘ball technology’ and ‘central steering mechanism’ that allows it to turn on the spot, and for greater control. This also meant that I didn’t wheel the vacuum into the walls or doorframes as I rushed around the flat trying to get the job done!

The suction power of the DC39 is really good. On the packaging it claims to ‘capture more dirt than any other cyclone’ as they have remodeled airflows in the ‘Radial Root Cylone technology’ to maximise suction power. Whilst I am unable to compare this to other Dyson models, it certainly is very efficient.

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  • Extremely good suction
  • Washable filter and bagless = no extra costs
  • Emptying the cylinder was straight forward, with a handy quick release button rather than awkward unscrewing or clipping.
  • Easy to manoeuvre


  • A little bulky to store


In summary I would definitely recommend this product as it is very easy to use and does a good job.

I was satisfied after using it, and able to get the job done as quickly as with my old model. I have borrowed a few other models from friends in-between my old model dying and receiving this one, and was a lot less impressed with them as they were not as powerful and far more cumbersome.

The job took longer to do! With the Dyson DC39 I could just get on with it.


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