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Dyson launch thermally active Air Multiplier™ TV campaign

Last week saw the launch of Dyson’s TV campaign featuring the Dyson Air Multipliers™ – their innovatively designed bladeless fan.

After 4 days of scorching weather, the thermally reactive TV ad was launched on Thursday in the hottest areas of the UK – London and the South East. The advert features the Dyson balloon video which went viral 2 years ago and had had over 2.2 million hits on the US YouTube channel.

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Essentially it’s one balloon and some Dyson engineers experimenting with their Air Multipliers™ a couple of evenings after work. The Dyson engineers show how inducement and entrainment works on the Air Multiplier™ fan. If you watch closely the balloon is sucked into the airflow from behind and to the side of the fan; this is inducement and entrainment of the air.

Lots of experimentation with different sized balloons and other objects produced this video. Although it has been edited to include the engineer’s most successful attempts, the video is made from completely genuine footage.

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