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Dyson – Five Interesting Facts

As one of the largest names in household appliance manufacturing, Dyson, led by the enigmatic James Dyson, have continually proven to be an innovative company, utilising the latest technology to offer the best possible products.

Check out these five fun facts about Dyson now.

Did you know that Dyson ….

Are the Only Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer to Have Their Own Microbiological Laboratory?

Dyson do not produce their household appliances without thorough research first. In order to discover new ways of removing allergens and dust mites Dyson must have access to research facilities. For this, the microbiology lab was set up in 2001, making Dyson the only vacuum cleaner manufacturer to have their own laboratory lab.

Have Their Own Initiation Ritual for New Staff?

Working for Dyson requires a number of specific skills and to make sure that new recruits are right for the job Dyson have their own initiation ritual. On their first day of work new recruits are required to build a Dyson machine. James Dyson first instigated the ritual years ago and it has continued ever since, helping to make sure Dyson employees are fully aware of how their product works.

Rejected 5,127 Prototypes Before the Bagless Cleaner Was Perfected?

It seems strange to think of a world without bagless vacuum cleaners but the truth is this reality was one that was very difficult to alter. It took Dyson 5 years and 5,127 prototypes to perfect their bag-less technology and even then commercialisation of it was not easy. Even once people acknowledged the technology they were reluctant to utilise it, preferring to defend their own vacuum cleaners which still used old-fashioned bags, well, the vacuum bag market was estimated to be worth $500 million a year.

Nearly Invested In 3-in-1 Vacuums Instead?

For a brief while, Dyson actually focused on the development of a cyclonic 3-in-1 cleaner that could suck up dust and water simultaneously. After lengthy development on this vacuum cleaner James Dyson decided to change tactics, and decided to focus on the upright bag-less cleaner instead. 3-in-1 cleaners proved to be highly unpopular, with many users finding them difficult and hard to work.

Currently Have Over 20 Different Vacuum Models?

Dyson’s current range of vacuum cleaners consists of over twenty different models which all boast their promise of “no loss of suction”. One such model is the DC24 Animal, which is designed around Dyson’s innovative ball technology. Using research from their microbiology lab this model comes complete with a washable HEPA filter designed to capture allergens. Read more on the DC24 Animal here.

Alongside their numerous vacuum cleaners, Dyson have invested in developments elsewhere. The Dyson Hot fan heater is another innovative product which uses their Air Multiplier technology that can heat a room evenly. The product took three years to develop after being worked on by twenty two engineers. Read more on the Dyson Hot here.