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Dyson DC24 Animal ultra-lightweight and compact Dyson Ball™ vacuum for pet owners

At Dyson we start with a problem. Something that frustrates or nags because it doesn’t work properly. It could be an everyday object. Then we figure out how to make it work better.

DC24 Animal turns on the spot

Conventional cleaners with fixed wheels can only move in straight lines. They’re not designed to steer. To turn a corner you have to do a lot of back and forth. DC24 Animal rides on a ball, so you can steer with a turn of the wrist, manoeuvring easily around furniture and obstacles. There’s no more back and forth, back and forth.

Size matters

DC24 Animal is a third smaller than a full size Dyson upright, with a handle that compresses. So it’s easy to store. And it may be small and lightweight, but it has the performance of a full sized machine. Its motorised brush-bar captures even ground-in dirt and pet hair.

DC24 Animal also comes with a Mini turbine head to clean pet hair and dirt from awkward spaces around the home.

And it’s tough too. The materials used to make DC24 Animal have been chosen to last. Like its bin, which is made from the same material as riot shields. All Dyson machines are rigorously tested, again and again.

DC24 Animal has been dropped down stairs and rolled 1000 miles – that’s almost as far as London to Helsinki as the crow flies. This means that like all Dyson upright and cylinder vacuums, DC24 Animal comes with a 5 year guarantee, parts and

Allergy friendly

The dirt and dust in DC24 Animal’s bin can be emptied directly into your rubbish bin with the press of a button.

All Dyson upright and cylinder vacuums are approved by the British Allergy Foundation. Root Cyclone™ technology combined with a washable HEPA filter, means that they capture allergens and expel cleaner air. Dyson cyclones capture particles down to 0.5 microns in size, including pollen, mould and bacteria.

No loss of suction

Like all Dyson vacuum cleaners, DC24 Animal has Dyson cyclone technology. Conventional vacuum cleaners use bags that clog and lose suction. DC24 Animal has Root Cyclone™ technology. Centrifugal forces spin dust and dirt straight out of the air and into the bin. There’s no loss of suction and no bags to replace. And it comes with lifetime washable filters. There are no extra costs.

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