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Dr Who lands on Sony PS Vita and PS3 – but is it any good?

Coming to a console near you, release dates for the first of a series of highly anticipated Dr Who games have been leaked for both the PS3 and PS Vita, but will it be worth buying?

The game, Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, will be available to PS3 owners on May 25, while PS Vita owners have to wait just under three weeks for the game to become digitally available on their platform, on June 13.

As the first of three Dr Who titles set to hit PlayStations, anticipation for this game has been understandably high – but what can we expect to see?

Dr Who gameplay

Unsurprisingly, the primary focus of the game will be on the passing of time, with time-centric game play a main feature. A lot of thought has been invested in this, with players’ actions in one time zone having a direct impact on actions in others.

This offers an additional dimension to traditional game playing, with multiple opportunities and challenges presented to enthusiastic gamers.

In terms of visuals, graphics are being described as “photo real”, while official voice-overs from some of the cast of the TV series, including current the Doctor, Matt Smith, improve the game’s authenticity.

Originality and exclusivity

Yet, despite its connection with the TV series, gamers will be pleased to hear the game will not simply rehash an old episode of the drama.

Instead, a new story has been created, with players asked to take on the roles of the Doctor and River Song as they battle the familiar villains of Daleks, Cybermen and this series’ newest enemy: The Silence.

This introduces originality to the game but, with the story still the work of the BBC Wales team, realism and compatibility with the series will not be diminished.

In terms of exclusivity, the series of games is only scheduled for release on PlayStation and PC formats – meaning Xbox and Nintendo Wii owners could be left disappointed.

Whether this will help the game to achieve the cult status and popularity it craves remains to be seen – if only we could set the time machine to May 25 to find out!