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Do you SocialEyes?

A new US company with a focus on ‘socialising video’ promises to introduce a new multimedia video experience to the world. But will SocialEyes take-off and what is it exactly?

SocialEyes has launched with a bold statement, even by internet start-up standards. The press release on launch reads that “it will completely change the way we communicate with and meet new people.”

The service promises to instantly connect you to your friends and groups of people who share your interests. Relying on Facebook Connect to pinpoint user interests and personal profiles via Facebook, SocialEyes allows users to engage in multiple video conversations, chat via instant message and share information and links with multiple friends simultaneously.

Users can also record, send or receive video messages, whether or not the other party is currently online or not, and a feed makes it easy to keep track of what’s happening, too.

“SocialEyes takes the social networking experience to the next level by enabling people to connect with their networks and meet interesting people who share common interests through face-to-face communication or via video messages,” said Rob Williams, co-founder and CEO, SocialEyes.

“We feel that this product will strengthen the social connections between people and their interaction with their networks.”

On SocialEyes, users can join or start as many groups as they like so they can easily connect to like-minded individuals around common interests, hobbies, Facebook networks, families or anything else.

It’s easy to join a group by searching for a topic or joining one of the recommended groups and you can create private groups for your personal networks or join a public group and meet new people.

Gadget and technology fans are being encouraged to join the free public beta version of the website now by visitining  or

No download or setup is required, users just simply login with their Facebook account and are instantly in touch with friends and find conversations with people to join all over the world.