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Darth Vader Comes to TomTom

Jedi drivers beware – Sith Lord Darth Vader is making his way on to the satellite navigation system TomTom.

Even a galaxy far far away cannot escape the TomTom voices craze, with many popular characters from the film franchise lending their voices to the satnav brand.

Everyone’s favourite human-cyborg relations droid C-3PO has lent his educated tones to TomTom, as has green Jedi Master Yoda.

But the dark side of the force has now made its way on to TomTom, with Darth Vader’s ominous voice available to download.

While some people may be turned off by the breathy commands from Lord Vader, it seems that children are positively delighted by his voice.

The boffins at TomTom have conducted extensive research into what voices make children happier in the car, making car journeys more enjoyable for the whole family.

“Everything we do is about making journeys better,”

said Walter Hermsen, Vice President of Product Management at TomTom.

“When we found that for 97% of parents, ‘crying and unhappy children’ is the single biggest source of disturbance in the car, we knew we had to find a solution and Project GAGA was launched.”

TomTom’s navigation laboratory undertook the six month research project, using more than 300 baby and toddler volunteers, to find the perfect voice for families with small children.

More than 20 voices were put to the volunteers, with everyone from Homer Simpson to Yoda tested. While Yoda’s quirky tones reduced many children to tears, Darth Vader proved to be a hit.

It seems that Vader’s command of the dark side fails to work on youngsters, as the Dark Lord was found to increase children’s happiness in the car by 68%.

“Our customers have been telling us for years that their TomTom navigation voice feels like part of the family,”

“Now, it would seem that every family car should have Darth Vader on board to cheer up children and parents alike.”

Added Hermsen.

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