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Dark Knight Nokia Lumia 900 concept: a sign of things to come?

While the limited edition Dark Knight Nokia Lumia 900 might just have come with a the batman logo and little else, the geniuses over at the Finnish phone giant have also created a concept device to help the caped crusader.

Features on this fictional device include a poison detector, voice distorter and a warning system against potential hazards.

While the concepts seem like the work of science fiction, they may not actually be as far off as you might think.

Nokia innovations

Nokia is reportedly already working on a microchip that can ‘smell’ and recognise a variety of substances, such as polluted air.

The phone giant’s research arm is also said to be testing a bio-electronics-based flexible skin that can access a phone via sensors on the body.

‘Gesture recognition’ could be incorporated into future models in as little as 12 months, giving users control over their smartphone or tablet with a simple wave of a finger above the screen.

Disposable sensors that could be placed into clothing and help smartphone fans to carry out everyday tasks could hit the market within five years, according to ARM chip designer Jem Davies.

Smartphone and tablet technology: what’s next?

Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 5 is set to feature new touch panels that integrate the LCD and the touch sensors into a single unit, removing a layer within the display.

This is said to make the display more vibrant and vivid, as there is less material between your eyes and the display.

Augmented reality is also becoming more prominent as the technology improves, with the likes of Google’s Glass project exploring what’s possible with AR.

The future certainly looks bright for smartphones, and although we can’t be sure of what to expect from the decade ahead, we can be sure that a few surprises will be thrown in.

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