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DAB Radio Guide

DAB Radios have been around for a while now, but choosing the right one for your digital needs can be confusing – follow our top tips on choosing a DAB radio.

Digital audio broadcasting (DAB) radios were first introduced in the 1990s as a better and more efficient way of listening to radio stations compared to the older analogue system.

More radio stations can be broadcast to digital radios as each radio station takes up less space on the frequency band, so there are lots more stations available to listen to with a digital radio, compared to on an analogue one.

DAB radios are also more user friendly as the radio automatically tunes itself to all available radio stations so the user does not need to find one before listening, but can flick through each to pick his or her favourite.

DAB radios can come in a variety of styles, from the popular retro range from the ROBERTS REVIVAL RD60CFMDAB RADIO to the more modern looking designs like the MAGICBOX PARABOLADAB RADIO.

They can also come in a variety of different sizes and prices depending on the quality and the extras they provide.

DAB Radios with iPod Dock

If you have an iPod then a DAB radio with an iPod dock may accommodate both your radio listening needs and the times when you want to listen to your own music.

Having an iPod dock is useful to charge your device up for when you need it on the go, but it also means you can listen to the music on your iPod in a communal area or even take it with you on holiday.

They are great for when you want to hold a house party too, as the radio can be transported anywhere in the house: one of the added benefits of a DAB radio is it can be positioned virtually anywhere as signal quality is always good, compared to analogue alternatives.

It may be worth investigating DAB radios which have quality speakers for this type of listening too though, so you can pump up the volume when you need to.

The GEAR4 PG487 REVEALCLOCK RADIO WITH IPOD/IPHONE DOCK is a good example.  It comes in a trendy black and includes high-performance speakers so you can listen to your music in incredible quality.

DAB Radio Range

There are a variety of different styles of DAB radios available on the market to accommodate your lifestyle.

Hand-held DAB radios are a small version able to fit into the user’s hand so that you can listen to the radio on the go, on a train journey, or even when out jogging.

Personal/Portable DAB Radios

For a handy DAB radio to keep in your pocket for those rainy days when you could do with listening to your favourite radio station wherever you may be, the PURE DAB 1500PERSONAL DAB RADIO is a good choice.

There are already 20 Radio station presets, a clock, a headphones socket, and a joystick for tuning and volume, among other features.

Motorists can also buy DAB radios for their car, and if you want to buy one for the kitchen then there are many suitable waterproof and splash resistant ones too.

DAB radios are generally a good option if you are on the lookout for a radio device as some also include analogue systems so you have the whole range of radio stations – even ones that are not included on digital – from which to choose.

If you wish to record a radio programme then you should investigate DAB radios with recording capabilities.

For something really special the PURE SENSIA WHITETOUCH/COLOUR SCREEN INTERNET RADIO WITH DAB offers you everything in a funky new-age design.

This internet-connected DAB radio has a large colour touch screen for the user to easily access the stations they want to listen to, while the Wi-Fi capabilities enable them to access their own music and also online apps and unique broadcast material.  It also acts as an alarm clock, too.

DAB Radio/ Alarm Clocks

Many people enjoy listening to music in bed, or waking up to their favourite radio station each morning, so many DAB radios have alarm settings.

DAB radios which have alarm clock features will tend to have the time on the front and be more compact in size so they can fit onto a bedside table without taking up too much space.

The PURE SIESTA MISAB CLOCK RADIO is a good option if you want to combine a DAB radio and an alarm clock.

It features an LCD display, a 24 hour clock, AM/PM indicator, snooze capabilities for that extra 10 minutes in bed to wake up, alarm volume control and many other capabilities.

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