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Cybercriminals targeting Android users for web access

Sophisticated cybercriminals are capitalising on the growth of Android smartphones around the world to gain internet access and spread malicious software.

The figures are published by US security experts Trend Micro as part of their Quarterly Security Roundup. The findings reveal that smartphone growth worldwide has caused significant new opportunities for cyber-criminals. Android users and malicious apps seem to have been heavily targeted in the first three months of the year: Trend Micro identified approximately 5000 new malicious Android apps over this period.

Tech giant Apple surpassed Oracle, Google and Microsoft in reporting the number of new vulnerabilities, with a total of 91.  Oracle came in second, with 78; Google, 73; Microsoft, 43. But users of iPads and iPhones can take some comfort in the fact that Apple also issued a record-breaking number of patches in March.

Whitney Houston’s Death and Cyber Attacks

According to Trend Micro cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Events such as Whitney Houston’s death and socio-political events around the world appear to be increasingly targeted as a way to spread malware. In the US ‘Linsanity,’ – the popular term given for the meteoric success of New York Knicks rookie basketball player Jeremy Linn  - also appears to be a popular avenue for spreading malware that they can then use to access data.

It is highly likely that new cyber attacks will be planned around the London 2012 Olympics and even around tonight’s Champions League Semi-Final between Chelsea and Barcelona.

Pinterest Cyber Attacks

Pinterest, the latest must-have social network that has gained increasing popularity over the last three months was not adverse to cyber risks. In one recent attack site users were asked to “re-pinning” a Starbucks logo in exchange for gift cards; instead they received malware.

Top Countries for Sending Spam

The countries worldwide that top the table as spam-sending countries for the first three months of 2012 include: India (20 percent), Indonesia (13 percent), South Korea (12 percent), and Russia (10 percent).

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