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Cutting Edge Cooling with the Samsung FR4289 Refrigerator

This new fridge from Samsung is a huge jump in kitchen technology! It’s no longer just a dream to have a clever fridge in your home. It’s now in fact a reality.

This modern, stainless steel appliance comes with an 8-inch LCD touch-screen display that has Wi-Fi connectivity and will incorporate refrigerator controls as well as kitchen relevant applications from Pandora, Twitter, Epicurious, AP News, Google Calendar and WeatherBug. Additional features will include a photo album and a note-writing app, allowing for the fridge to retain a neat and tidy appearance whilst maintaining it’s personality as the technical epicentre of the kitchen. I know, it doesn’t seem possible does it?

Packed full of features

With a four-door accessibility, this stunning (can I describe a fridge as this?) refrigerator is on a whole new level and I believe will be a huge hit when it comes to the market.

The FR4289, with its variable temperature zones, provides a variety of cooling facilities relevant for whatever needs are personally required. In addition to a standard freezer and refrigerator compartment, the appliance comes complete with a third, 4.0-cubic-foot drawer that has a range of 29 degrees to 42 degrees, totally independent of the rest of the fridge. It also has Samsung’s new Smart Divider that provides for further customization of the drawers to organize all your food.  This is great news for all of us that struggle for space when we return from a food shop and, if like me, always have the problem of fresh food getting too cold and freezing before I’ve even had the chance to eat it.

Find what you are looking for

Strategically-placed LED lighting brightens each corner of the fridge and emits less heat, making it much more efficient than traditional bulb lighting.  It also means you can find what you are looking for more easily and looks pretty cool at the same time.

Keeping it cool

The Twin Cooling System maintains humidity and temperature levels that are just right so food stays completely fresh.  So, no more throwing away food that’s got ruined from not being kept at the right temperature.

Dress up your kitchen!

So, whether you are going for a cool drink from the filtered water and ice dispenser, or following a recipe off of one of the apps, this specially designed fridge stands to be a major draw in anyone’s kitchen.You can finally have a fridge to be proud of!