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Create the perfect healthy chip! Is there such a thing?


Rating: ★★½☆☆

I, like many others love a good Chip, especially fresh deep fried chips, I think they are even better than Chip shop chips but I cannot forget the fact that they are so bad for you, cooked in all that hot oil. I have not bought myself a deep fat fryer for at home purely for the fact that all that hot oil and risk of fire does concern me plus I find they leave an odour of fat in your house that is not nice as it lingers so when I got the chance to try out the new Philips AirFryer I jumped at the chance. Home cooked chips without the hot fat, great idea!!!!

On unpacking the product it struck me at how large the whole machine is, I think the technology and filter etc in this machine does bulk it up a bit. It was nice and easy to put together and I found the instructions easy to follow and it came with a great recipe book. For potato products you do need to coat them in a spoonful of oil but that is a lot less than cooking them in deep oil. I followed the instructions and ensured that through the cooking period I pulled the basket out to stir the potatoes around to get an even cook throughout. That is key during the cooktime and easy to do. The finished chips were well cooked and nice and crisp, you could tell you had a healthier option but yummy at the same time, a real winner. I also tried some spicy potato wedges and these came out a treat, the whole family loved them. The only downside is the basket is not quite big enough for a family of four. One portion would feed only 2 – 3 people.

It does come with a handy food separator to allow you to cook two things at once, for example chicken and chips. There were no nasty odours lingering afterwards and the Fryer dismantled well and was easy to clean.

I did get excited by the chocolate brownie recipe in the booklet as I love baking cakes however you need a cake tray that will sit inside the basket. The basket is only about 18cm’s across and the average square cake tin is 20cm’s. I have never seen a tin small enough to fit the basket. Will Philips sell a cake tin to fit?


  • Simple to use
  • No nasty odours
  • Easy to clean


  • Small basket/portion size
  • Expensive
  • Overall size of product is large for Kitchen top


Overall the product was easy to use and I would prefer to have this rather than a deep fat fryer but for me it is a bit too expensive, I will keep a look out for when it is on a special offer before I will be tempted.

I think it will be great if you have kids, you can still treat them to treats like chips but know they are not harming your child’s health like normal deep fried chips do.

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