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Countdown to E3 2012 – what should you be excited about?

One of the year’s biggest tech events is very nearly here – the Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3, is less than two weeks away.

Showcasing the best that the world of gaming has to offer, E3 is a huge draw for gamers the world over. Even if you can’t actually attend the event in sunny LA, it is well worth keeping up with what’s going on.

This year is set to be typically awesome, with new titles and maybe even a console or two expected to be unveiled. So what should you be getting most excited about this year?

Nintendo at E3

This year’s E3 is a big one for Nintendo, as the Japanese gaming giant will be showcasing its upcoming console – the Wii U.

Getting a jump on the likes of the PS4 and Xbox 720, the Wii U is due out in time for Christmas this year. It’s not really a next-gen gaming machine, but the controller is certainly an innovation that many gamers will want to try out.

So we can expect a more thorough demonstration of the Wii U’s capabilities this time around, and possibly any third party developers that are on board.

Sony at E3

Always popular with crowds at E3, Sony’s stand is never short of excitement. This year we have been promised 20 new gaming experiences by Sony, but will there be a new console?

Sony is being rather coy about what will be on show at E3 2012, but a next-gen console is pretty unlikely. Sony has said it wants to get a jump on Microsoft, but not that much of a jump.

LucasArts at E3

Developer LucasArts recently told the press that it will be unveiling an “unannounced game in development” at E3 this year.

That’s about all that was said, leading to intense speculation. A game that everyone would certainly like to see is Battlefront 3, but this does not look too likely at the moment. So watch this space!