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Could Windows 8 dominate the tablet market by 2015?

Apple’s victory in the intellectual properties trial against Samsung has left many wondering about the future of devices featuring the Android platform.

For some the case was a direct hit against Google, giving Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system the window of opportunity to make its presence felt in the tablet market.

Nomura’s Richard Windsor has even suggested that the firm is “in a very good position to move in an entice users to switch from Android to Microsoft.”

Now research from WitsView, a division within market research firm TrendForce, has suggested that the share of the tablet market currently occupied by Windows 8 (4%) is likely to rise five-fold by 2015 (20%).

Windows 8: Its USP

According to the findings of the report, Windows 8 will clearly separate itself from the competition through its integration of business software such as MS Office, as opposed to the entertainment-oriented features found on other tablets.

It also goes on to forecast that Microsoft will also be able to claw back some of market dominated by Apple and Android platforms.

According to TrendForce, the fact that Microsoft has created a unique interface for desktops, notebooks, smartphones, and tablets means that it has diverse ecosystem, and paves the way for future app development.

Windows 8: What it needs to succeed

The report outlines that in order for Microsoft to encourage uptake of Windows 8 devices, it needs a consumer friendly price point.

The OS will also need to cater to both the need of x86 and ARM platforms in order to be successful.

Microsoft is expected to launch its flagship Surface tablet to coincide with the launch of the Windows 8 OS on October 26.

With a number of Windows Phone 8 devices and Windows 8 Ultrabooks set to hit the market, it appears that the OS is already beginning to stand up and be counted against other leading platforms.

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