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Could we see the Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 tomorrow?

Samsung is embarking on a fully-fledged tablet market assault this year, employing the technique of releasing as many products as possible in the hope that one of them does really well.

At Mobile World Congress last month the South Korean tech giant launched not one but two new devices – the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

It seems that Samsung wants to have all bases covered. It’s aiming the new Galaxy Tab at the mid-market, as the updates to the original are so miniscule their almost non-existent.

The new tablet-sized Galaxy Note is the manufacturer’s high-end device, featuring some impressive specs and (probably) coming with a hefty price tag.

And with the inclusion of the S-Pen stylus, the Samsung will be hoping the Galaxy Note 10.1 appeals to the business market too.

So where does that leave the much-anticipated Galaxy Tab 11.6? At the high, high end of the market? If the specs rumours are to believed it certainly will be.

Galaxy Tab 11.6 Specs

Rumours abound of a display boasting a 2650 x 1600 resolution, which blow the new iPad out of the water by about a million pixels.

Powering this high quality high-def screen, which is a beast at 11.6-inches, will be no mean feat. So we can expect a very powerful processor, possibly a dual-core 2GHz behemoth.

Galaxy Tab 11.6 Launch Tomorrow?

Latest reports have touted the launch of this high-end tablet as tomorrow, Friday 9 March. According to tech website Pocket-Lint, Samsung will be using the South by SouthWest festival in Texas as the launch for its latest tablet.

Sound suspicious to you? It does to us too – it would be a pretty odd move to launch an Apple-beating product at a music festival.

There have also been no press invites sent out, so the launch for this exciting new device is probably still a little way off. We can’t wait though!