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Could Facebook buy BlackBerry?

Facebook’s purchase of Instagram for a cool $1billion has been the talk of the tech world recently. Instagram has (or had at the time of the sale) 30 million members.

It fits perfectly with the wider plans Facebook has – both in terms of improving image functionality and in going mobile. It fits with the imminent billion(s) dollar stock exchange floatation that Facebook are working towards.

Despite CEO Mark Zuckerberg saying at the time of the Instgram purchase ‘We don’t plan on doing many more of these, if any at all’ – when your company is worth billions and you want to dominate the tech arena, what else could Facebook buy?

The truth is Facebook could buy any number of technology companies, websites, app manufacturers and game makers – if it wanted to. They will no doubt buy more, smaller start-ups in the years to come.

Below we list 5 tech sales that we don’t think Facebook will be buying anytime soon; even though they may well want to.

BlackBerry – BlackBerry parent company Research in Motion (RIM) has been struggling over the last 12 months, rocked by the poor performance of the PlayBook and data outages worldwide. That’s no secret. But would Facebook be in a position to buy this mega-mobile phone manufacturer? Why would they want to?

Well, just as Apple, Amazon and Google (via a partnership with Samsung) have made forays into the world of technology hardware, if Facebook had its own handset could it develop additional services? BlackBerry has a lot of business users and Facebook is keen for businesses to create pages within it. They are also going to open up the platform’s mobile possibilities in the future too and BlackBerry Messenger ties up nicely with Facebook chat.

So is this the answer? It could be. But given BlackBerry’s size and operational problems, it could be an expensively risky move. Add to this the fact that an acquisition of BlackBerry by Facebook could see restrictions (or rather incentives not to use it) put in place by Apple for iPhone users and it could cause problems for Facebook on Android devices. But who knows, maybe!

Flickr – they do images better than anyone; have lots and lots of users and a loyal community. Flickr would be great for Facebook, but there’s one small snag: it’s owned by Yahoo!

MySpace – Facebook Beta it may have been, but MySpace has fallen so far behind on the social networking side of things that it recently sold for a fraction of it’s original sale price. Facebook could buy MySpace with loose change these days, but is there any benefit to owning the site for them?

Twitter – The other social media giant, Twitter and Facebook would combine well to create one overall social experience. But with Twitter’s star in the ascendancy and more and more fans flocking to the platform even Mr Zuckerberg would have to dig deep into Facebook resources to buy.

YouTube – Video uploads and sharing are increasingly the lifeblood of Facebook. How much would they love to be able to control (and own) the videos uploaded and streamed via their platform from a site like YouTube? The short answer: a lot. But again, there’s another problem – YouTube is owned by Google, that other online behemoth. As we all know Google are trying to steal some Facebook thunder by creating their own social platform, Google+.