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Core of the Apple iPad


Rating: ★★★★★

The iPad is a sleek ultra stylish tablet with alot of added extras.

The pad is a hand held pc, a multimedia player, portable tv, photo album, radio, and hundreds more.

As a pc the usage is simple but minimal, writing text and documents is about all you can do unless you download one of many apps to upgrade this aspect of the iPad.
The iPad as a multimedia player is were this gadget shines you can cheaply buy any single, album or mixes on the built in iTunes app (song average price 59p). Once purchased the download automatically transfers to your built in iPod. The sound output is very good and the iPad is compatible with docks for extra loudness.

The iPads big touch screen is magical for viewing videos and photos and can be used as a digital photos frame. It’s high quality pictures combined with it’s sound make it a really good gadget to place on your lap and watch your movies or soaps.

I could go on forever about what the iPad is good for but instead I’ll end with this although the iPad is highly priced, it’s well worth the money twice over. With apps uploaded daily the iPad can be transformed into almost anything gadgety like a remote control for a tv or race car to a sat nav for your journeys. I was just like you are now on the fence on whether to purchase one of not. I bought and never looked back, me my partner and my children all love this and are forever fighting to have a play. I hope this help you.


  • Ultimate show off gadget
  • Easy to use for both adults and children
  • Amazing link up capabilities with iPhone and mac pc
  • Ultra sleek style a definate head turner


  • No adobe flag player
  • The price


The apple iPad is a must have item for all serious gadgetiers or for the people who want that extra va va voom.

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