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Comet’s Top 10 Large Kitchen Appliance Deals

Deals, deals, deals everywhere but which one is the one for you? This Boxing Day retailers, just like every year, will have fantastic offers on a whole host of products but what fits your needs best?

I’m Ali, online marketing manager for kitchen appliances at Comet, and I’ve pulled together a guide to our top 10 large kitchen appliance deals available from Christmas Day whilst stocks last.

Beko WMB71642W 1600 Spin Washing Machine

beko wmb71642w

Boasting  fantastic customer reviews with a 5 star rating at time of going to press, it’s easy to see why when you see the amount of features it’s packs in. With a large load 7kg capacity,
perfect for families, and a high 1600 spin removing a lot of the moisture from the clothes at the end of the wash its ideal especially this time of year when you can’t hang them outside.

It’s quick too, washing a full load in just 39 minutes, making it one of the quickest machines in the market and if you are in a real hurry it’ll do a reduced load in just 14 minutes! Another time feature is the 24 hour start delay, which allows you to wash your laundry at a time to suit you.

The interactive LCD screen allows you to modify programmes such as reducing the spin speed or lowering the temperature, and it shows you how long the cycle has left to run. It’s also energy efficient with an A++ rating so it won’t cost a fortune to run.

All in all a good all rounder and great value for money.

Zanussi ZWH7120P 1200 Spin Washing Machine

Zanussi ZWH7120P

Zanussi continues to be one of the most popular brands of washing machines in the UK thanks to its’ ease of use and history of reliability. Like the Beko it benefits from a large 7kg capacity, and has a quick wash of 30 minutes for a reduced load.

If you have a lot of clothes which are delicate or need hand washing then this machine is ideal with separate programmes for both wool and delicates. And if you want to reduce your ironing then the Easy Iron programme is for you.

The start delay of up to 20 hours allows you to take advantage of cheaper electric overnight and it’s rated A+ for energy efficiency.

This machine is ideal for those users who want a choice of clothes care programmes coupled with the peace of mind of a well known brand.

Indesit IWE91480 1400 Spin Washing Machine

Indesit IWE91480

If size is important to you then you won’t go far wrong with this massive 9kg capacity Indesit washing machine. Ideal for larger families, by reducing the number of wash loads by up to 80% versus a traditional 5kg machine, it would make a welcome addition to any home.

It’s got loads of programmes, capable of dealing with the ever changing mix of a family’s laundry needs like Jeans, Outerwear and a special Sports cycle which includes Shoes. Plus when required it can be super speedy with its Express 15’, a 15 minute quick wash.

Simple to use with a large digital display, it has delay start and the ability to change the temperature and spin speed on selected cycles. Programmes can also be further tweaked by adding an extra rinse, ideal for sensitive skin, a more intensive wash for those stubborn stains or reducing the need to iron by choosing Easy Iron. By choosing the Eco Time option this
will wash a small load quickly and use 40% less water and energy.

It is also the quietest of the 3 washing machines discussed here making it a great family machine.

Hotpoint FDM550 Fullsize Dishwasher

Hotpoint FDM550

With over 15 5 star rated reviews this Hotpoint dishwasher has to be one of the best deals for a dishwasher in the market at under £200. Triple A rated for washing, energy and drying performance it will become a firm favourite with everyone in the house, especially with the one who usually has to do the dishes.

The top basket can be adjusted in height, even when fully loaded, meaning whatever the size of your pots, pans or plate you’ll be able to fit them in. And with the cutlery basket being removable it gives even more flexibility on how you use your space.

With 5 different wash programmes, including a 35 minute quick wash and an environmentally friendly Eco Wash combining low energy consumption levels with great cleaning performance, there is a wash suitable for everyday use to full on entertaining.

I would recommend this machine to anyone who has not had a dishwasher before or someone looking to upgrade to a more flexible model.

Samsung RL43THCTS Silver Fridge Freezer

Samsung RL43THCTS

Standing proud at 2m tall this 60cm wide silver Samsung fridge freezer is cool inside and out. With ample storage space, there are 5 spill proof shelves and separate vegetable and fruit drawers. The freezer compartment has 4 drawers and the 2 in door pockets are perfect for frozen pizzas.

Finding the food inside is made easy by the attractive energy efficient LED lighting which emits very little heat but lots of light. And that’s not the only energy efficient feature, it’s also A+ rated on energy so it won’t run up huge energy bills even though it is on 24/7.

Today’s fridge freezers are no longer simply a place to store food but are becoming more of a focal point within the kitchen. The sleek design of this Samsung in a silver finish would look good in any kitchen and it has reversible doors for greater flexibility when fitting it into your existing kitchen layout. The flat back also means that it will fit flush against the wall and
reduce the build up of dust behind it.

All in all a great buy for a family who want good storage space . 

Hotpoint FF187BWP White Fridge Freezer

Hotpoint FF187BWP

If you want to never have to defrost your freezer again, then this Hotpoint 60cm wide frost free fridge freezer fits the bill at £280.  By choosing a frost free model means that it will run more efficiently as it will not suffer from a build up of ice, which can result in the fridge freezer having to work harder in order to maintain a temperature.

Food in the fridge will stay fresher for longer thanks to Hotpoint’s new Air Tech Evolution as the temperature remains constant throughout due to the improved air circulation. And the excellent illumination in the fridge, by the Dual LED lighting, makes it easy to find exactly the food that you are looking for.

Storage options are also good with the large capacity fridge, with 2 adjustable shelves, 3 in door storage compartments and 2 salad drawers. Whilst the freezer has 4 transparent drawers making food easy to locate.

This product is ideal for a family who want a hassle free energy efficient fridge freezer which prolongs food freshness.

Beko GL22APS Silver USA Style Fridge Freezer

Beko GL22APS

For even more storage space, then an American style fridge freezer fits the bill, especially if fresh food is your thing, as this Beko has over double the capacity in the fridge section than the freezer. It’s also well laid out with 2 drawers in the fridge, one for fruit and veg and one for meat or fish, clever use of space in the door and even a full width wine rack to chill your
favourite tipple. The freezer has a mix of shelves and drawers and even a twist and serve ice cube tray at the top.

The independent cooling system, which is electronically controlled on the freezer door, allows for a higher level of humidity in the fridge whilst the air in the freezer is drier. It’s also very energy efficient  being A+ rated and as it is frost free there’s no build up of ice therefore no need to defrost.

With such great capacity it’s a welcome addition to any family’s kitchen and will certainly impress your friends with its stylish looks and chilled water dispenser.

Belling Country Classic 100cm Silver Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Belling Country

If you enjoy entertaining and cooking then chances are that you would love a range cooker, if you don’t already have one. Not only are they a centre piece in any kitchen, but they help to produce mouth watering meals by allowing different cooking techniques all at the same time.

The classic design of the Belling Country Classic, which is made to a high standard in Britain, especially for the UK cooking market, really does combine style with functionality.  It offers the cook the flexibility of a large fan oven for even multi level cooking, a conventional oven ideal for baking and roasting plus a separate grill. Being Dual Fuel you’ll also benefit from the ease of use of the 2 electric ovens combined with the speed of the 8 burner gas hob.

In a silver finish it will add a touch of class to any kitchen and the cast iron pan supports finish the cooker off perfectly.  Endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust as being energy efficient, with both ovens being A rated, this makes it a great all round product.

New World 600TSIDLMSI 60cm Silver Gas Cooker

New World 600TSIDLMSI

One of the UK’s most popular 60cm gas cookers, the New World 600TSIDLMSI, has a Gyroflo Conventional gas oven, which is hotter at the top than the bottom, making it ideal for cooking different dishes simultaneously and with a separate grill, this cooker is perfect for cooking and grilling at the same time.

The hob itself consists of 4 gas burners with enamel pan supports, which all deliver instant heat and are easy to control, whilst the glass lid acts as a splashback when open or extra work space when closed. The electronic clock on the front of the cooker includes a minute minder which you can set to let you know when the food is ready.

Manufactured in the UK, this New World 60cm cooker has been designed for British cooks and built to high standards and will continue to be one of the most popular gas cookers well into 2012. 

Hotpoint SH51X Built in Stainless Steel Single Fan Oven

Hotpoint SH51X

Adding a touch of class to any kitchen, this Hotpoint stainless steel single multifunction oven not only looks goods but delivers in the cooking department as well. Offering a number of different  types of cooking including conventional, great for home baking, multilevel which uses the fan to distribute the heat evenly so that you can cook different types of dishes on more than one shelf and top heat to guarantee rapid baking of pastry or just simply to brown off the dish . Whilst the grill can be used in a variable setting or fan, ideal for browning
and crisping.

Being A energy rated it uses less energy than many other ovens therefore saving you money and because it has a fan it speeds up the cooking process by around 10%. Another time saving feature is the easy clean enamel internal oven liners which just need to wiped down at the end of use, once cooled down.

Whether you are looking for a washing machine, cooker or fridge freezer at Comet we’ll have a great deal to suit every need and every pocket.

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