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Delonghi De'Longhi BCO410 Front Loading 15-Bar Combi Coffee Machine

Rating: ★★★★☆

I love good coffee, it’s probably fair to say I’m addicted to it. the aromas, the flavours, the caffeine. The rich bitterness of a french press, the full body of the filter or silky sweet smoothness of Latté.

I loathe bad coffee, instant coffee, old dry coffee that’s past it’s best or the coffee you get from a famous Seattle based company where they scald the milk, none of these are any good to me.

So as with a few things, I found the best way to enjoy coffee is to buy a decent brand, or get some beans and make it yourself.

This is where the De’Longhi Combi Coffee maker comes in. It makes two types of coffee (filter and espresso) as well as having a steam valve for frothing milk, not only does this offer variety, but it also fits into my lifestyle.

On a weekday when I’m trying to get showered, eat breakfast and be ready to go in as little time as possible, I can load up the filter machine the night before and switch it on before jumping the shower.
When I come out the coffee is ready and in the quantity I need to set me up for the day, kept warm on a hot plate so I can drink it during the course of my morning routine.

At the weekend, when I have a bit more time I can fire up the espresso machine and create delicious cappuccino or latté for myself myself. It is lucky that I do have a bit more time since the espresso machine does take a while to heat up.

As any coffee officianado knows the ideal temperature for making coffee is around 85c so as not burn the grinds, and that is the temperature the machine operates at. It has a 15BAR compressor which forces the hot liquid thought the grinds and it leaves a healthy crema layer on top of the dark coffee.

To make a cappuccino or latté you need to heat the milk so the lactose starts to break down into sugars, this is achieved by directing steam from the steam valve through the milk, this also introduces bubbles into the milk increasing volume and adding texture.. Unfortunately it also takes a while for the machine to heat up to the correct temperature to generate steam, but once it has, and with a little practice, it is relatively straight forward to make dry frothy milk, or sweet, velvety smooth milk.


  • 15 BAR pressure
  • Hot Plate


  • Takes a while to heat up for Espresso
  • Takes a while Longer to heat up for milk


The combination of two types of coffee maker makes this machine extremely versatile and at a price that’s comparable to either a stand alone espresso or filter coffee machine this is definitely a bargain. The only real downside to the machine is that it can take a while for the espresso machine to heat up.

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