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COD 4 on PS Vita: real or fake?

Gamers the world over (apart from Japan) are gearing up for one of the biggest gaming releases of the year this month – the PS Vita.

Sony’s latest offering to the console market comes in handheld form, and the tech giant has not let us down – the Vita is one of the most impressive devices we’ve seen for a while.

It feels like we’ve been waiting for the Vita for an eternity, and the handheld being released so much eariler in Japan didn’t help matters. We know this is pretty standard practise, but it’s still annoying.

But none of that is important now, as the PS Vita is so close we can practically touch it. And some places in the UK you can literally touch it, as the device has been popping up in shops for gamers to have a go before the big release date.

And Sony’s marketing juggernaut does not end there – we’ve been seeing odd viral ads, a tour of the UK, and of course some excellent launch titles.

There are certainly not going to be any bored Vita users come 22 February – the sheer volume of titles will keep gamers busy for some time.

And with more and more games on the horizon, a PS Vita is looking like being a worthwhile investment for any avid gamer.

Call of Duty 4 on PS Vita?

There has been one interesting development in this area recently, as a video allegedly showing Call of Duty 4: Moderm Warfare being played on the Vita has appeared on the internet.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, the video shows game play of COD 4 on the PS Vita, with someone appearing to be actually using the Vita to play the game.

The real/fake debate started as soon as the video was uploaded. It could very easily be a video file being played on the Vita, and it seems a little odd that an old title would be released instead of one of the more recent ones.

So does the video give us a first look at an exciting new game for the Vita, or is just someone trying to mess with our heads? Either way, there are plenty of real games coming out on the Vita to keep us going for now.