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Cityville, Mafia Wars, The Sims… most popular Facebook games of 2011

When Facebook opened up its website to developers a few years ago, it led to a raft of new applications for users.

But no one predicted that it would be gaming applications that would really take off. But the likes of Farmville, Mafia Wars and Words With Friends were a massive hit with users.

It is hard to imagine that there weren’t any games available on Facebook at the start of the social networking site’s rise to worldwide domination.

These days it seems like everyone is establishing themselves as mafia bosses, building entire cities, or having Indiana Jones-style adventures.

And now Facebook has revealed the most popular social network games of the year, with all sorts of titles making it into the top ten.

The list was compiled by Facebook, which looked at all games that had over 100,000 active users each month, giving priority to games with highest user satisfaction scores.

Object games, simulators, platformers and casino games all made it into the top ten. The title taking the number one spot was Garden of Time.

This award-winning hidden object game that takes players on a journey through history, to find objects stashed away in nooks and crannies around the world.

Other games in the top five included The Sims Social, Cityville and Indiana Jones Adventure World, showing just how diverse Facebook gamers are.

Casino games

The big success story of Facebook games this year has been casino-style games. Helped in no small part by the rise in popularity of poker, casino-style games are now all over Facebook.

A number of titles appeared in the top five, with DoubleDown Casino the highest ranking, in fourth place. One of the biggest casino games on Facebook, DoubleDown Casino has over four million active users each month.

Another high ranking Casino game was Slotomania. This game has over five million active players each month, playing a kind of slot machine-style games.