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Chrome to Phone – Take the web with you

Chrome to Phone is a small utility that runs on your Android device and as a extension to the Google Chrome browser, allowing the 2 to talk through the magic of the internet.

Sounds interesting right? So how does it work and what can it do?

Firstly you will need to open the Chrome browser on your PC or Mac and go to here to get the Chrome to Phone extension. Once installled you will need to log in to the extension with an @gmail or @googlemail account. (Google apps accounts are not yet supported)

Next you will need to install Chrome to Phone on your device, this can be done through the Android Marketplace. Again this will need configuring with your @gmail account. Once this is done you are ready for action.

There are many uses for Chrome 2 Phone but I am going to highlight 3 that I find particularly useful.

1. Take your browsing with you: If you are looking at a webpage on the Google Chrome browser on your PC or Mac then a simple click of the Chrome to Phone icon in the top right hand corner of your browser window will instantly open the browser on your phone and navigate to that website. Pretty cool eh? Well it gets better !

2. Copy that text: My particular favourite, this one… If you are browsing the Internet, lets say, for some new jokes to SMS to your mates, simply highlight the text you want on the webpage and click the Chrome to Phone button. The text you have highlighted is instantly copied to the clipboard of the phone where it can be pasted into any application (SMS in my case) that supports text input.

3. Google maps to go: A fantastic feature for anyone wishing not to get lost after leaving the house. Go to on your PC or Mac, enter either a couple of locations and ask for the directions between them. Google will of course show you the directions as I am sure you have seen many times. Click the Chrome to Phone button however and magic happens.  The phone will instantly open the Google maps navigation app with your chosen start point and destination and plan a route for you.

As mentioned above there are many more uses for Chrome to Phone but I will leave you to explore the possibilities yourself as I am sure you are now keen to do. Why not post your findings here for others to see and try…

Chris Hyde.