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Christmas Gifts on a Budget

In this current economic pickle, nobody wants to
bash the credit card too hard right now, but people still need pressies and stockings still need filling.

So here are a few ideas on how to spend your cash like
a wise man (or woman) without seeming like an utter

> Proline FD6B Fondue Maker

Like moustaches, Lava Lamps and the Ford Capri, fondue sets
are something we thought were left behind in the 1970s. But it turns out they’re back so if you know someone who likes
sticking things into melted cheese or even dunking stuff in melted chocolate, this could see their
gift sorted.

> Panasonic DMP-BD75EB-K Blu-ray Player

When Blu-ray first rocked up in our lives, movie discs cost a fortune and the player itself wasn’t affordable for most.
Today they’re well within reach and will help solve the riddle of what to watch on
Boxing Day afternoon when the TV is chock full of repeats. Although it may cause a family argument over the chocolate box about what film to play.

> Okoia HDS2 Hair Gift Set

This foldable hairdryer and mini straightener brings glamour on the go. Crucially this
looks a lot more expensive than it actually is, which will make you look
saintly under that tree on Christmas morning.


> Proline MC16 Mini Chopper

It chops, slices and juices and crucially won’t take up an entire kitchen cupboard either. A decent little gift
for someone who’s perhaps just starting to spread their culinary
wings in the kitchen.

> VO5 HC-120-GB Special Edition Hair Clipper

These Union Jack themed clippers have a mod feel, and eight different cutting lengths. They also come in a cool tin
with all the necessary brushes, clips and combs.

> Homedics SP-39H-GB Deluxe Shiatsu Cushion

If the person you’re giving this to thinks Shiatsu is a type
of yappy little dog, maybe this is the wrong gift. But if your gift receiver is
a little bit over-stressed, this could be right up their boulevard. It vibrates, heats, relieves and squeezes the
stress out of you.

> Goodmans LED1616 16″ LED Backlit TV

Quality HD Ready TVs don’t have to cost the earth. This decent 16″ portable is perfect for a bedroom, den or kitchen. You can’t really argue with tuning yourself into that, can you?


> Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB Silver – 4th Generation

You’d never really expect to see the word “Apple” near the word budget, even actual apples are expensive these days. But this little Shuffle is very well-priced and such a good gift – and is especially ideal for listening to
music while working out.