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Christmas gifts for under 20 quid

They say it’s the thought that counts when you give a gift, not the amount of money you spend on a present.

And this Christmas, there are plenty of cool, quirky and useful products out there that will make someone smile without breaking the bank. 

Here are some of the best stocking fillers I’ve found for £20 or less. Although just a quick warning, some might not actually fit in the stocking – spending small can still mean buying big!

Proline DN7 Donut Maker – £19.99

When you’re fed up with mince pies and Christmas pud, then this nifty kitchen gadget will come into its own. Whip up some batter, plop a spoon or two into the holes and thrill to the smell of seven freshly cooked mini donuts. There’s also a Popcorn Maker and Cupcake Maker in the range too.

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Pac-Man Alarm Clock – £7.99

It’s winter, which can only mean dark and cold mornings. But purchase one of these and even the deepest sleepyheads will be up and out of the sack without anyone having to shout at them. It makes authentic sounds from the classic computer game. Sadly it won’t follow them around the room trying to bite them, just like the real thing, until they get dressed.

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Hetty Desk Vacuum Cleaner – £9.99

If you know somebody who overeats at this time of year, then this could come in handy. It will help suck up all the crumbs and leftovers from the tiniest nooks and crannies in your computer keyboard as well as desk. There’s also a Henry version allowing you to buy His and Hers cleaners for the couple who have everything – including mountains of sweets, chocolates, crisps and biscuits.

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Tavola Swiss NBA001 Toaster Tongs – £3.99

I love these! No more will there be a need to struggle getting the toast, crumpets, scotch pancakes or muffins out of the toaster. And no longer will you need to risk electrocution by trying to remove a stuck piece of burnt bread with a metal fork or spoon. These wooden tongs do all those jobs perfectly and will ensure your fingers don’t get damaged in the process.

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Homedics Cosy Massaging Slippers – £14.99

After all that Christmas partying, your feet are going to take a bit of a pounding. So nestling them in this comfy pair of velour slippers is the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate your tootsies. Four AA batteries work the massagers that are built-in and they come in women’s shoe sizes 4-8. Which is a shame, because there must be plenty of fellas who would love them too!

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Proline LD05 2G 2GB MP3 Player – £14.99

Digital music is easy to download, great to listen to and simple to carry about your person to hear whenever you need to feel the beat in your life – and giving the gift of MP3 doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This entry-level device has room for a few hundred songs, weights next to nothing and comes with a pair of headphones. If you’re really kind, you could even load it up with some tracks for the person you’re giving it to and still have change from £20.

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IT Works Panda 17B Webcam and Deluxe Multimedia Headset – £9.99 and £7.99

Computers make it simple to stay in touch with those relatives you only see once a year at Christmas. Unless you prefer to only see or hear from them on those couple of festive days per year. Buy both these gadgets and you can hold video calls across the internet through the likes of Skype or Windows Live Messenger. If your friends and relations are abroad, you’ll save a fortune in traditional calling costs too.

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All prices correct at time of publication.