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Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Traditionally when blokes get lost for ideas on what to buy
women for Christmas, they panic and purchase overpriced baskets full of soap or
strange smelling things called “bath bombs”.

Well all that festive silliness ends now. No more smellies, no more wasted cash! Instead, here’s our guide to what girls
might just actually want. Clue… none of the below pong of lavender…

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Motorola Xoom

Hailed at launch as the tablet that could sink Apple’s iPad,
the Xoom is the perfect gift for a gadget lovin’ girl who likes to be a bit
different from the herd. No, it’s not an iPad, but that’s
not necessarily a bad thing – it does everything the Apple tablet can do, plus
a bit more. It also looks/feels as lovely as a stroke of Santa’s silky
beard. Priced decently these days too, who wouldn’t want to unwrap one of

Kenwood IM200 Ice-cream Maker

If there’s a woman who doesn’t like ice-cream, I’ve yet to
meet her. This is pretty easy to use, and great fun to experiment with. And why
stick with strawberry or chocolate flavours when you can go for a Christmas eggnog
special? If she starts making sprout-flavoured sorbets however, grab your
receipt and return the product before you suffer ill health.

Apple iPod touch 4th generation

Among all the hype of new iPhones and iPads, the humble
iPod has become an almost forgotten product. The good thing about this is,
they’re now priced extremely reasonably and they’ve actually never been better.
The 4th generation iPod touch can do pretty much everything an iPhone can (except
phone, but who does that anymore anyway?). What’s more they make a beautiful
prezzie, especially in a festive white…

X Factor Party Box

Essentially its an X Factor-themed karaoke machine, which plugs into a computer and you’re suddenly Jedward. Whether the girl you’re buying for
thinks they’re the next Leona Lewis or they can just do an excellent Louis Walsh impression, this gift will make Xmas afternoon hilarious. Well,
hilarious, or unbearable torture… it really depends on whether the lady can
actually sing or not, and how much she’s prepared to listen to your Gary Barlow-style comments on how she can improve her performance.

Babyliss 2098BU Hair Straighteners

Even the Grinch who stole Christmas would agree, ooooh these are
pretty. Of course, with gadgets looks aren’t everything, but still… these new
Babyliss straighteners are stylish beyond comparison to what else is currently
on the market under £100. Both the irons and the case scream loveliness, and
the tech behind the product is spot on too. Such a tidy gift we can perhaps
expect The Queen to have straight locks for the first time ever when she give
her speech on Christmas Day. Well, if Prince Philip has read this guide that is.

Massaging slippers

When it comes to choosing a present for someone who seems to
already have everything, slippers are always a safe bet. Even if you own
slippers, new slippers will always do, especially mid-winter. Slippers that
massage your feet, well, they’re a safe bet for a prezzie, but one with an
added ooooooh factor. An ideal stocking filler, or perhaps something to use for
a secret Santa special. Who doesn’t want toasty feet? Who doesn’t want toasty
massaged feet?!

Sensio cupcake maker

Buying your wife, girlfriend, mum, nan, sister, female buddy
or lady relative a kitchen appliance is 99 times out of a 100 going to end up with you spending Boxing Day aptly nursing a black eye. However, gifting a cupcake maker isn’t sexist, isn’t a punchable offense, it’s… well a
not entirely insane idea. In 2011 girls have become a bit obsessed with the
creation of cupcakes – they bake them, blog about them, tweet photos of cake
contests to each other. Everyone’s gone cupcake crazy so why not ride the wave
of the craze and fill your belly too?


Xbox Kinect Sensor

Now we’d never say that girls don’t enjoy Xbox as much as
boys do, that’s not just wrong, it’s stupid. However a Kinect Sensor package
will turn your Xbox from something that you perhaps play alone or online to
something the whole family can enjoy together, and for that reason it’s a great
gift. Fun for girls, fun for boys, fun for
Nana after she’s had too much sherry on Xmas morning.