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Choosing a tumble dryer that works for you

What type of dryer should you choose? Well, your choice of dryer depends on where you are going to locate it. Here’s our complete guide to choosing the right tumble dryer.

Condenser dryers

Flexible and ideal for small homes or internal spaces, this dryer can be located anywhere in the home. The moisture from your wet clothes is condensed back into water and fills a large self-sealed container that can be poured down the sink.

Selected models can even be directly plumbed out if they are sited next to a drain, so no need for emptying.

Vented dryers

This is the traditional option for locating on an outside wall. The warm, moist air can be expelled from the machine via a venting kit.

Spin dryers

A cost effective, energy efficient solution if you wash smaller loads, or have very limited space.

Integrated washer dryers

A practical option which will save you space if you are considering buying a new washing machine, and don’t have the room for a tumble dryer.

What is the load capacity?

The maximum weight of laundry that a tumble dryer can effectively dry is usually 4-8KG. If you fill it right up to the maximum, your drying will take longer and there will be more creases. So, if you regularly have large wash loads, you might want to consider a heavier load capacity.

Some machines also offer top or front loading.

How energy efficient is it?

All machines are graded A+ to G for their energy efficiency. The A+ grade is the most economical as it uses the least electricity, although this will be reflected in the price of the dryer. You can also check the annual consumption in the product information.

The Siemens IQ700 series of condenser dryers are the most energy efficient currently available, using just 0.27 kWh/kg.

What drying programmes will I need?

If you want to get the best performance out of your new tumble dryer, it’s worth looking out for these handy features:

  • Crease care (pre and post drying) – tumbles before and after the drying cycle to prevent heavy creasing and reduce the need for ironing.
  • Airing programme – a cool tumble to refresh the load if it hasn’t been removed immediately.
  • Delicates – a low heat programme tailor-made for delicate fabrics.
  • Wool programme - delicate programme to protect woollen garments.
  • Sports programme - recommended for synthetic gym and sportswear.
  • Final cool tumble - lowers the temperature of the clothes at the end of the cycle so they are not too hot to take out.

Dryer temperatures

Consider the range of different fabrics you want to dry, and any extra garment care you might need, when assessing the drying temperature options of the different models. If you want to cut down your ironing pile, go for a dryer with crease care.

Integrated or free standing?

If you are fitting your tumble dryer into your kitchen, where it will be visible, an integrated or semi-integrated model is a good option. When closed, it will blend seamlessly into the clean lines of your other kitchen units.

Integrated models hide the controls inside the appliance. On semi-integrated dryers the control panel is visible at the top of the kitchen unit panel. Check whether your kitchen needs adapting before you go for this option. Make life easy with our MDA Kitchen Appliance installation.

What extra features are available?

Some machines offer sensor technology, which measures the humidity inside the drum and switches off when the clothes are dry. So there’s no need to worry about wasting energy or over drying your delicate garments.

More sophisticated machines can offer different levels of drying:

  • Iron dry - clothes keep a small amount of moisture for easy ironing
  • Clothes hanger dry - for storage with limited creasing
  • Cupboard dry - extra dry for immediate wear

More sophisticated display options are available on selected tumble dryers so you can see what’s happening to your laundry at a glance:

LED displays:

These will show you the dry programme status, time remaining or time delay countdown.

LCD displays:

These give you feedback on the stages of the current drying programme, time delay, time to end, heat settings and fabric type.

State of the art features

Many dryers incorporate state-of-the-art technology to give you even higher performance. Look out for these features.

Superior build quality

Miele tumble dryers are tested for 5,000 cycles and are built to last for 20 years. A great option for a long term investment.   

Drum technology

The Miele Honeycombe Drum is designed to protect your laundry throughout the drying programs while delivering faster drying times.

Drying basket

Designed for drying textiles and garments which need minimum tumbling action such as sports shoes, teddy bears, sequinned garments and woollen jumpers.

Fuzzy logic

Advanced electronic sensors automatically monitor your laundry. By measuring temperature differences, moisture levels and selected drying programs, they can help reduce energy wastage and prevent overheating.

Now you know what to look out for, browse the range of dryers online at Comet or talk to the experts at your local Comet store.

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