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China reveals the iCE SCREEN: A 26-inch Android-Based Smart TV

China is fast becoming a front runner in the new technology stakes and the latest offering to the market is no exception.

TCL Multimedia Technology and Tencent, China’s leading integrated internet service provider, have announced the joint launch of iCE SCREEN. The 26-inch device looks like a cross between a giant tablet and a slimline flatscreen TV.

The device is the first large screen mobile smart cloud product in the world, and it is more than likely that where China leads, others will inevitably follow. Here is what we can expect from the iCE SCREEN.

iCE SCREEN: Specs and features

The iCE SCREEN boasts four key applications a “large portable screen”, a “high-speed video player”, a “stylish music and photo album” and “high-definition video communications”.

The 3C (Communication, Computer and Consumer electronics) TV also features an independent operating system facilitating internet connectivity and a number of smart cloud applications including music, photo albums, games, audio visual and much more.

The iCE SCREEN also has a number of functions found on handsets and computers such as internet browsing and social networking.

iCE SCREEN: Is it set for success?

Commenting on the device, Mr. Li Dongsheng, Chairman of TCL Multimedia, argues that the iCE SCREEN will pave the way for a third market to sit alongside tablets and smartphones:

“TCL and Tencent are jointly launching iCE SCREEN to create an innovative new form of 3C product, the first of its kind in the world, all in an effort to meet this new demand from consumers and to offer consumers and their families more trendy, enjoyable and cutting-edge experiences”

“As a new form of consumer electronics product with considerable market potential, iCE SCREEN will build a massive differentiated market much like the markets for tablet computers and smartphones. In the meantime, it is expected to drive the joint development of the relevant industries and to open up a new frontier in the global consumer electronics industry.”

With cameras cum smartphones, and tablets cum laptops, the iCE SCREEN will only add to the recent trend towards multi-functional devices.

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