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CES 2012: Samsung launch inTouch Camera for HDTV

Samsung has today launched at CES 2012 a new inTouch camera system complete with HD Skype, Wi-Fi connectivity and a number of pre-loaded apps.

The new camera, from Samsung Techwin America, a subsidiary of the tech giant Samsung, has launched the new inTouch Camera at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas today.

The new camera boasts Wi-Fi technology and a 720p high-definition video that promises to bring ‘the internet connected experience straight to the living rooms of consumers with ordinary HDTVs.’

The camera comes pre-loaded with apps that include Skype, YouTube, Google News, Weather and a full web browsing experience. A palm sized QWERTY keyboard is also included with the device, making everything from searching the web to checking emails and chatting via messaging services far easier.

HDTV Skype Camera

The camera can be fixed securely on top of an HDTV and has a range of -30 degrees to 0 degrees, to ensure everyone can be included in shots when chatting over Skype. Only one HDMI cable is required for connection to a HDTV.

You will also be able to take still images on the camera at three megapixel resolution, or insert your own using the integrated USB port. All images, as you would expect, can be reviewed in a gallery or enjoyed in a slideshow. The Samsung inTouch offers an effortless connection to a wireless network, and hooking up the camera to an HDTV requires just one HDMI cable.

“While internet connected HDTVs are now common, not every household gets to experience this fun and interactive feature, especially if they have an HDTV purchased just a few years ago,” said Mike Palazzolo, Vice President Sales and Marketing, consumer video monitoring and security products, Samsung Techwin America.

“With the inTouch camera system, Samsung is now bridging the gap between this experience and those consumers who own HDTVs without networking capability.”

The Samsung inTouch will be available in the US from March 2012 and is expected to retail for $199.99. Details of a UK and European launch have yet to be announced….but stay tuned.