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CES 2012: Apple iPhone Turned Into Gaming Gadget

In homage to the start of CES 2012 in Las Vegas today, one of the world’s leading ‘modding’ aficionados has turned a standard Apple iPhone into an ‘enhanced gaming tool.’

Modding – the slang expression derived from the verb ‘modify’ – is big news online and in the tech community. Remember all those cool things we’ve already covered about Apple Siri, such as starting a car engine with the voice recognition software – that was modding at its best.

If you haven’t guessed it by now modding involves modifying hardware or software and making it do something that it wasn’t originally intended for.

So with CES 2012 kicking off in Las Vegas this week, what better time to launch some Apple related ‘modding’?

The Ben Heck Show, a US based bi-weekly online television series dedicated to the science and art of system and hardware modding and sponsored by element14, a distributor of technology products and solutions for electronic system design, has this week transformed the Apple iPhone into a handheld gaming device.

How to turn your Apple iPhone into a Gaming Device?

If you are really interested in how it’s done (and it is a bit techy!) here it is: to successfully implement video gaming capabilities onto the iPhone, Ben first had to deconstruct an iCade system that enables gaming on an Apple iPad to integrate a scaled-down version of the circuitry.

Then, by connecting a PodBreakout board to a simulated battery, Ben was able to borrow voltage from the iPad to enable the Bluetooth required to power the iPhone for mobile gaming purposes. Simple!

“CES starts today, and I couldn’t think of a more fitting project than one that combines my love for video games with a device that many consumers are extremely passionate about,” said Ben.

“Sure, the iPhone is a great device for game play already, but I wanted to take it to the next level for the ultimate mobile gaming enthusiast.”

While at CES Ben will demonstrate his latest mod in a live streaming interview with the host of GT.TV, Geoff Keighley on Tuesday, Jan. 10, at 2:15 pm. PST (10.15pm UK time). For updates visit: