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Celebrate a Year of Kinect with 10 Fascinating Facts

Kinect – the Xbox 360′s revolutionary movement-based gaming accessory – has just celebrated its one year anniversary.

Offering a totally immersive games experience, Kinect has now sold more than 10 million devices, even bagging a Guinness World Record as the fastest-selling consumer electronics product in its first 60 days.

By placing the Kinect sensor in front of your TV, you can control what happens on the screen and in your console adventures simply by moving any part of your body, and even speaking to it.

To celebrate its first anniversary, here’s 10 things you need to know about Kinect:

  • The sensors in Kinect are so clever, they remember who you are. All your physical data is collected and stored in your profile along with a computerised version of you to appear on screen. When you want to play, Kinect compares that data to your body to recognise it is you. The more you play and move, the more data it captures to create your digital skeleton.
  • If you want the perfect game for Christmas with all the family, then snap up a copy of Kinect Sports: Season Two. With sports such as Darts, Skiing, Tennis and Baseball, clear the furniture to one side and use full body movements and your voice to compete against mum, dad and even grandma. As well as six sports, there are 17 new challenges to take on. There will also be game add-ons to download each month.
  • Did you know that you can use Kinect to control movies and music you play through your Xbox 360 console? Whether it’s a wave of your hand or a spoken command, you can
    skip tracks, change channels and move through DVDs without any need to find the remote control.
  • Kinect is great for kids. Early in 2012, a new game from Disney Pixar will allow them to learn different skills through playing. Already games based on Sesame Street and National Geographic are available with the new Disney title – codenamed Rush – bringing together all your favourite Pixar characters to help educate young ones with plenty of fun along the way.
  • There are plenty of Parental Control options available on the Xbox 360 and Kinect for mums and dads to ensure their children do not play games that aren’t meant for them or access content they shouldn’t. To find out more, check out – there’s even a safety video there hosted by Cookie Monster from Sesame
  • If you have a Sky TV subscription, you can watch your favourite satellite programmes through your Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE and Kinect. Whatever channels you have available through your TV can be tuned into on your console, as long as it’s connected to the internet. It’s perfect for watching Sky in another room.
  • There are plenty of other ways to enjoy entertainment on the Xbox 360. Channel 4 has brought its 4OD catch-up service to the machine along with those from Channel 5 and the BBC. You can also download movies via LoveFILM or watch music videos using
  • Voice Search through Kinect also lets you access search engine Bing. It can also help you find whatever content is stored on the Xbox 360′s hard drive or on Xbox Live. Just say what you want and it’ll appear – as if by the magic of Kinect.
  • Brands such as Toyota are now exploring ways to use Kinect by joining the Kinect for Windows pilot program. Imagine what the future has in store when gesture-based control is adapted by some of the world’s top companies!
  • Kinect is being used in medical research and to help patients recover. A pilot at the Royal Berkshire Hospital is using the technology to help rehabilitate those who have suffered strokes or brain injuries. You can find out more about it at