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Catching the Perfect Shot with Gorillapods

These state of the art camera tripods claim to be the lightest and most versatile on the market, leaving traditional tripods way back in 2010. Learn more about the must-have tripod all budding photographers will love.

The Gorillapod features over two dozen flexible leg joints to give photographers the ability to mount their camera on whatever surface they wish, unlike previous models which could only stand on one level.

Whether you want to catch the perfect sunrise and stand your Gorillapod on a sandy beach, catch a view from the edge of a hill or mountain, or simply stand your camera steady in a small room with not much space, the Gorillapod lets you bend and rotate the legs to enable you to do so.

The Gorillapod is also handy for times when you want to bring your camera and tripod along without the hassle of carrying it around, as it can be folded up to simply throw in your pocket.

Additionally, the Gorillapod can steady the camera under low-light conditions and enable you to take group shots with you in it for a change. Over a dozen leg joints come with the tripod and can bend and rotate 360° for compact digital cameras and mini video cameras too.

Gorillapod Tripods

There are many makes and models of camera tripods with some reasonably priced Gorillapod ones currently on the market for consumer use. Most of them are not specifically designed for a certain camera model so you can use them for different cameras as most should fit.

The Fujifilm P10NA00290 Small Tripod for example is a flexible Gorillapod which can hold digital cameras up to a weight of 325g. Or alternatively the classic tripod can provide you with everything you need from a camera stand, such as the Vanguard AK2BK Tripod. This trippod can take a camera of dimensions 55-14.25cm high and 3kg weight capacity, it also comes with a carry bag and bubble level.