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Carmageddon dream is one step closer to reality

Following reports that game developer Stainless Games would be attempting to reinstate one of its cult classics from the 90s, Carmageddon, it seems the dream could be set to become a reality after all.

The proposed re-release of Carmageddon made the headlines earlier this month as a project was launched to raise funds for the venture. Using crowd fundraising site Kickstarter, the developer aimed to raise a quarter of a million pounds to bring this dream to life.

Carmageddon hitting the mark

With just over a week left on the campaign, Stainless Games has proudly announced that its target has been met –the firm has netted an impressive $400,000 (approximately £255,000) via Kickstarter.

Extending their promise, the firm revealed that should it reach the $600,000 (approximately £383,000) threshold, it will also release Max and Linux ports of the game – offering avid fans even more chances to get to grips with this reincarnated retro classic.

Carmageddon reinvention

The decision to reinvent this classic game is one which has been met with widespread support considering the original game’s cult status. Released alongside popular titles such as the first Grand Theft Auto game, Carmageddon caused controversy with its extreme violence and gore – features which helped it sell more than two million copies back in its heyday.

Since then, numerous classic games have come and gone with certain franchises, such as the GTA series and the Mortal Kombat chain still in circulation today.

The latest title in the Carmageddon series, which will be released after a gap of over ten years, will be entitled Carmageddon: Reincarnation, and is said to be based on the original two releases rather than the unpopular third title (Carmageddon: Total Destruction 2000).

This was released at the end of 2000 by the publisher of the Carmageddon series, SCi, but had no affiliation with Stainless Games.

Carmageddon release dates

If things continue as they are, gamers could have their hands on the PC-based Carmageddon: Reincarnation early next year. Intended releases for PSN/XBLA are scheduled for later in the year.