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Canon Set for Comeback with ‘Interesting Product’ Launch

The earthquake that hit Japan earlier this year affected a large number of technology manufacturers based in the area. Technology giant Canon’s camera production was hit particularly hard, but now the company are looking to make a comeback with mirrorless photo technology.

Alongside Nikon, Canon is still considered to be at the forefront of the interchangeable lens camera (ILC) market, but companies like Olympus, Panasonic and Sony have done some catching up in the meantime.

The main area in which they have made ground on their rivals is through the production of mirrorless cameras.

The Canon camera division head, Masaya Maeda, has given the strongest indication yet though that the company are set to venture into this specific market themselves.

When pressed in a recent interview on the mirrorless cameras currently on the market, Maeda suggested that they were set to “launch an interesting product next year”.

This is as close as we are likely to get in terms of a committal that the company are looking to move into production on this very specific type of camera.

Mirrorless models look to be gaining strongly in popularity and Canon will be keen particularly not to fall behind it’s chief rivals any further.

In terms of image quality, accessory selection and a number of leading facets, Canon has always been at the head of the camera technology market.

Canon: Best Digital Cameras?

Statements of intent like this from Maeda combined with the news that production levels in Japan will soon be back to the level they were before the earthquake signals an exciting time in the digital camera world.

Canon is also planning to increase production levels in Taiwan. This would bring total single-lens reflex camera output capacity to 10 million units annually from around 7 million last year.
By manufacturing a mirrorless model Canon will be able to tap into a whole new section of the camera sector. Namely, those who are seeking to move upmarket from compact cameras.