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Canon EOS M mirror-less compact camera preview

It’s not just smartphones that are shrinking, it seems digital cameras are going the same way too as Canon announces its Canon EOS M. The mirror-less compact camera with the might of an SLR.

Aimed at those with a love of photography but possibly not the know-how to use an SLR, on the Canon EOS M ,there’s plenty of manual controls to get your hands on in the camera mode and one of the most impressive is the ISO range of 100-12,800 (extendible to 25,600).

You’ll be controlling everything using the 3-inch touchscreen, the same one found on the Canon EOS 650D.The sensor is APS-C size , and it comes with 18-megapixels and is the same hybrid CMOS sensor as on the 650D too.

The lens to match

The Canon EOS M launches alongside two new lenses, the 22mm pancake lens and the 18-55mm standard zoom lens as well as an adapter that’s compatible with 70 EF lenses.

When it comes to video, it’s full HD ahead and because of the sensor, it auto-focusses within video, just like the 650D.

There’s built-in flash but it does come with an add-on. The The EOS M is available in the UK from October: it will cost from £769 to £949, depending on the accessories bundled and will be available in black, silver, red and white.

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Canon EOS M mirror-less compact camera preview

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