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Canon EOS 650D: 10 things you need to know

Canon has announced a new DSLR to sit in its entry-level lineup with a number of exciting features. Here we take a closer look at the Canon EOS 650D/Rebel T4i.

Canon EOS 650D sensor

Although 18 million pixels is a familiar number from other Canon DSLRs, the company claims that the sensor is an all-new design. It’s a hybrid CMOS sensor, which means that it is capable with both contrast and phase detection autofocusing – a first for any Canon camera.

Canon EOS 650D processor

The Digic 5 processor found on the Canon 650D/4Ti is the same type as those found on several other Canon cameras, most noticeably those at the higher end of its range, including the 5D Mark III and the 1DX. This is an example of technology from more expensive models trickling down throughout the range. The super fast processor enables you to make Full HD video recordings in a number of frame rates and should boost the low noise performance when shooting at high sensitivities.

Canon EOS 650D autofocus

Canon E0S 650D: 10 things you need to know

All nine of the Canon EOS 650D’s autofocus points are cross-type, which should make for quicker and more accurate focusing. The sensor also incorporates pixels dedicated to autofocusing, which is useful when shooting video and using Live View. Phase detection autofocus is quick, but less accurate, whereas contrast detection is slower but more accurate. Using a combination of the two should provide the best of both worlds.

Canon EOS 650 touchscreen

We’ve seen touchscreens appearing on several cameras for a while, but until now it’s always been restricted to compacts and compact system cameras (CSCs). For those used to mobile phones, a touchscreen is very attractive and, when used in combination with the physical buttons that all remain on the 650D, speeds up certain operations, such as setting the autofocus point. The screen is also fully articulated, which is handy for shooting from awkward angles.

Canon EOS 650D sensitivity

Canon E0S 650D: 10 things you need to know

The sensitivity range of the Canon EOS 650D/4Ti is ISO 100 to ISO 12,800, which is one more step than its predecessor, the Canon EOS 600D. What’s more, Canon claims that thanks to the Digic 5 processor, noise is kept to a minimum and true blacks can be seen even at high sensitivities.

Canon EOS beginner range

With the introduction of the 650D, the two-year old Canon EOS 550D will be discontinued, leaving the beginner range with the Canon EOS 1100D, the EOS 600D and the 650D at the top of the entry-level range.

Canon EOS 650D Scene Intelligent Auto

Canon E0S 650D: 10 things you need to know

Canon claims that this mode has been improved from preceding models, and is designed to appeal to consumers coming from mobile phones and compact cameras. It works by judging the scene in front of the camera to provide the most appropriate settings for capturing the best image.

Canon EOS 650D HDR

Designed for tackling tricky lighting conditions, the Canon 650D’s HDR Backlight Control mode is a fully automated operation, an important distinction to be made between it and the HDR mode found on the more advanced 5D Mark III.

Canon EOS 650D HD video

Canon E0S 650D: 10 things you need to know

The Canon 650D comes equipped with Full HD video recording in a variety of frame rates. For the first time in any Canon EOS camera, continuous autofocus is also available when shooting in video mode – great news for those wanting to shoot moving subjects.

Canon EOS 650D price and availability

The Canon EOS 650D price will be around £800 (about $1,238) in the UK and €950 in Europe with a kit lens.

Canon EOS 650D: 10 things you need to know

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