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Canon EOS 5D – My first Canon Camera

Canon EOS 5D

Rating: ★★★★☆

I bought my canon camera from a member of the photographic society, with a sigma lens and batteries, battery charger and everything that I needed to help me take better shots.

This was a very expensive camera in 2004 and the prices have changed quite a bit since then,although still very expensive.

At first I found it very difficult to remember how everything worked with the camera so I purchased a book all about the Canon EOS 5D camera, this was very useful, once I had grasped the whole concept of the camera I started to get better photographs by using the menu and changing the ISO and f.stop to suit the lighting and the weather conditions.

Once this is mastered you can still be dissatisfied with the shots so I have found that Photoshop CS2 is fantastic to use, this is where I spend hours of enjoyment editing the photo’s that I have taken.

The camera is great once you have the complete package which includes Photoshop as well, I have tried another camera of my sisters which is a Nikon D60 or 80 not quite sure now but the comparison between the Canon and the Nikon is minimal.

I found that if you persist with your digital camera you will eventually get the photographs you want, sometimes the camera can still get in the way of a good shot if your to busy sorting out your menu, but why buy a Rolls Royce and drive a moped if you get my drift, your camera does have a auto setting that you can use but you have so many choices now so why not use them.

I always keep my camera away from rain or any moisture so as not to ruin it and I have the appropriate items needed to keep it clean and dry, if you do have this the camera it should last you for years as mine has.


  • Good Value
  • Long lasting
  • Good looking
  • Smart


  • Can be complicated at first


To sum up I think that the Canon EOS 5D is a fantastic sturdy smart camera, and with the delete function you save lots of money by removing photographs that you don’t like.

That’s my review my camera is now quite old but still in great shape like myself. Overall very good Camera.

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