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Canon 5D Mark II Review

Canon 5D Mark II

Rating: ★★★★★

My first reaction on looking through the viewfinder is the full-frame. The first major improvement from other Canon DSLRs is the rear LCD: bright, clear and detailed, it allows me to check detailed focus by zooming right in at full resolution.

hecking focus is much more assured, leading to less missed shots. It automatically adjusts brightness for the light conditions which is great but I’d recommend using the histogram to check exposure as the auto-brightness can lead you to make assumptions about the brightness of the image itself.

Image resolution is fantastic if you have the highest quality lenses and your exposure is spot-on. The high resolution of the sensor does mean it is slightly unforgiving with regard to exposure and focus errors.

Overall, the image quality is good enough for A3 sized prints without having to add significant sharpening and could probably be a lot larger still. With images taken using studio flash and a tripod, the amount of detail captured in clothing, hair and skin is incredible. Depending on the quality of the skin, this can increase the amount of post-production required!

As such, here are a list of bullet points of the physical points that stood out for me:

  • It feels sturdy.
  • The screen is superb, automatically adjusts for ambient light conditions, and very clear. Zooming into photos is a real treat.
  • The sensor is full frame, 21MP and 14 bits per channel. This allows for smooth tones and lovely switches from light to shadow. Simply light years ahead of the 5D or any other camera
  • The plastic flaps on the side that contain the ports are now less awkward to use.
  • The main dial now has three custom function sets
  • It’s subtle, but the viewfinder is somehow more crisp – and slightly bigger. The autofocus points are more visible without fiddling with the diopter.

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  • Expensive


To sum up, this camera provides the image quality of a 1DS Mk III at a lower price and probably better high ISO performance. For landscape and portraiture it’s everything I want.

Definitely invest in one of these….

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