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Can Chrome keep ahead of Internet Explorer in the browser battle?

Chrome, the web browser from tech giant Google, has overtaken Internet Explorer to become the world’s most-used browser.

Chrome has been nipping at the heels of Internet Explorer (IE) for quite a while now, but this is the first time its usage has been higher than that of Microsoft’s browser.

It’s worth remembering that the stats are not 100% accurate, and the numbers are very close together anyway – 32.5% for Chrome, compared to 32.1% for IE.

Bad news for Microsoft

Nevertheless, the numbers are more than a little embarrassing for Microsoft. The tech giant recently launched IE9 amid a huge marketing campaign, but it seems nothing can be done to halt Chrome’s rise.

The results come from web analysts Statcounter, which last reported on Chrome’s overtaking of Firefox in the ongoing browser battle.

“We base our stats on page views, we feel this gives the fairest approximation of internet usage,”

said Jennifer Cullen, director at Statcounter.

“Our stats are based on over 15 billion hits per month to over three million global websites from nearly every country in the world.”

Chrome going from strength to strength

Chrome overtook struggling Firefox at the end of last year, but still seemed quite a way away from IE’s impressive usage numbers.

But the browser has been plodding along nicely, picking up more and more users along the way. It was reported recently that it momentarily overtook IE one Sunday – suggesting that people are using Chrome at home and IE at work.

But the latest results could spell the end of IE’s reign at the top, especially if Chrome continues to grow in the way it has done so far this year.

Of course, a browser’s dominance varies from country to country – telling a different story in different parts of the world. In the UK and US, IE is still king, but in Asia Chrome has had market dominance for some time now. So it seems there is still a long way to go in the browser battle.