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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 huge details revealed
The eagerly-awaited Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, expected to launch in time for Christmas 2012, will transport gamers into the year 2025 in a direct sequel to the original title, it has been revealed.

In this installment, players will battle computer operated drones as well as human foes, CVG has learned in its early walk-through, while advanced weaponry and tools befitting the futuristic era will also feature heavily within Black Ops 2.

3D Holographic maps and computerised displays will be at the disposal of the main protagonists, while hand-grenades will now cover massive distances thanks to new hand-cannons, and some rifles will be capable of “punching through cover with a railgun-like effect.”

Amid these new tech and weaponry advancements, we’re sure you’re wondering who you’ll be fighting for and against? The lead protagonists remain the Mason family. The levels in 2025 will be played-out through the eyes of David Mason, son of Alex the lead operative from the original game.

Alex also features in Black Ops 2, where he’ll embark on battles in the 1980s. There he’ll take-on Raul Menendez, the chief villain, who’ll fight both father and son during his 30 year run as an evildoer, meaning you too will span this time period throughout the game.

Other key details uncovered by CVG’s 20 minute look at the title, include the revelation of a branching storyline, which will will send the plot in different directions based on your choices within the game.

CVG says:

“We’re told a lot of these choices are skill based: if you fail to, say, protect a friendly, their death or capture will trigger a splinter storyline rather than a fail state.”

There’ll also be a real Real Time Strategy mode, “of sorts” with CVG revealing that:

“At any point in time you can switch control between the men on the ground, the drones skulking around the floor, the armed quadrotors in the air or, our personal favourite, a general monitoring the entire battlefield from afar courtesy of cameras high above the site.”

What else is there to tell? Well, online multiplayer gameplay may get a social networking boost, while their may be more options geared towards watching competitive gameplay. Zombie foes will also make a welcome return in Black Ops 2.

CVG also tells us of the Strike Force mode,

“A sub-mode which lives within the campaign that sees special Black Ops squads travelling the globe and performing various tasks within small, open levels. We saw one in action: a 20-minute skirmish in some Singapore shipping docks that could well have doubled up for a small multiplayer map. The aim was to secure three checkpoints (handily labelled ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ – again, very reminiscent of multiplayer) and hold back steady streams of enemies until various story elements involving said checkpoints had run their course.”

Sounds awesome, right? For a massively detailed report on what to expect from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 head over to CVG.