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British Airways staff & bin men get Apple iPads

British Airways cabin crew and council waste disposal workers are the latest groups of employees to receive iPads to assist them at work. Find out more about the iPad 2 here.

So, what use would these trades have for such sophisticated technology? The main reason is that it’s more efficient and quicker than using the traditional pen to paper method of form filling.

Apple iPad 2 used in flight

The latest iPad 2 has been rolled out for trial amongst 100 BA cabin crew staff so that they can count all the passengers without having to scroll through a long list of names.The technology can list up to 337 flight passengers.

Under the new and improved ‘iPad system’ all that they have to do is refresh their screen once the passengers have boarded the plane and the doors are shut.

Cabin crew are handed a library of information on the popular Apple tablet. Safety manuals, customer service updates and timetables will all be readily available at the fingertips of cabin crew with BA.

The device will also help staff identify where each customer is seated , who they are travelling with and their Executive Club status, as well as any meal requirements.

“The iPad is already allowing us to offer a more personalised onboard service, but the possibilities for future development are endless,” says Bill Francis, British Airways’ head of in-flight customer experience.

“We’re receiving great feedback from cabin crew and customers already.It allows the crew to offer the thoughtful service they want to deliver and customers are treated as valued guests,” continued Francis.

Bin men could also get down and dirty with the latest Apple tablet as Bury Council have announced plans to issue the device to refuse collectors.

iPads to improve efficiency

The council confirmed that the iPad 2 will help improve the efficiency of their rounds.

22 of the popular tablets could be installed in bin wagons, performing tasks such as navigation and the monitoring of the level of recycled waste collected.

Speaking to the BBC, a council spokesman said: “For a modest investment of £9,000, this technology should save us many thousands of pounds, provide residents with a better service, and promote recycling.”

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