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Bravia Internet Video for 24/7 Entertainment

A new internet video service has been launched by Sony and Billabong, bringing 24-hour on-demand entertainment to user’s screens.

The Bravia Internet Video is available on Bravia TVs, Sony Blu-ray players and Sony Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems.

Bravia Internet Video users will be able to enjoy entertainment in a variety of genres from sport, snow, water and fashion at any time of the day, even if you missed the show live on TV.

The video system will also have exclusive behind the scenes interviews with the world’s leading board sport athletes, and fashion shoot pictures of the Billabong girls.

“Billabong TV allows viewers to take themselves on an armchair ride through the world of action sports,” said Scott Wallace, Billabong’s vice president of new media.

“Whatever your interest, Billabong TV provides a fresh, exciting insight into the people, places and events that help define the world’s most exciting action sports brand.”

Users can browse sites such as YouTube, BBC programmes on BBC iPlayer, and sit back and relax with a movie via LOVEFILM, while also having access to Sky News breaking stories from the TV, without the need to connect a laptop of other internet gadget.

“Billabong TV brings the exciting world of action sports straight into your living room,” added Edd Uzzell, Sony UK, proposition development manager.

Blu-ray Home Cinema Systems

A blu-ray home cinema system is the new way to watch TV and Movies, with the ability to watch blu-ray DVDs in full HD with some, like the Sony BDV-E370 blu-ray home cinema system, coming with a 3D software update to make the experience even more life-like.

Home cinema systems also allow users to stream music and videos straight from the internet, while also giving access to personal content such as photos via the USB port.