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Bounc3D: Sony Go Tennis Crazy

Sony launch an online game and social media viral to help promote Wimbledon in 3D.

Sony have announced that they are to show this year’s Wimbledon in stunning 3D, something that is going to be a must-watch event for all technology and tennis fans, and will undoubtedly be a great piece of TV entertainment.

But with a range of different 3D events taking place across our screens – most recently the Isle of Wight Festival in 3D – how do you create a bit of cutting edge buzz about your 3D event?

That’s the challenge the Sony team have faced in recent weeks. So what have they come up with? Simple: 3D bouncing balls that pop up all over the internet of course!


Sony is launching thousands of virtual tennis balls all over the internet with Bounc3D, an online game and social media viral designed to help promote the launch of Wimbledon 3D.

Operating in a slightly similar way to the StumbleUpon browser, after registering with the Bounc3D website and clicking ‘play’ users are taken to a random selection of websites and asked to find virtual tennis balls.

When one pops up on your screen you click on it and register for a chance to win one of ten pairs of tickets to the Wimbledon Finals, as well as loads of other cool tech prizes from Sony.

The Wimbledon tickets also come with your chance to experience full Sony hospitality at the event and seats in a court (to be decided by Sony, so don’t naturally expect Centre Court for the Men’s Finals!).

The campaign has just launched, but already it looks like there are lots of different websites signed up to the scheme. When we tried it out at Pluggedin Towers we saw quite a few different technology websites and blogs in the system, as well as Peter Andre’s website!

Clicking between the different websites is perhaps not as smooth as the StumbleUpon way of surfing random sites – we did hit a couple of dead ends and had to revert back to the main Bounc3D website to start searching for tennis balls again, but in general the Bounc3D idea and execution are great fun: a good way to while away an afternoon at work when Facebook boredom kicks in!