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Borderlands 2 released: Does it live up to the hype?

The second installment in the Borderlands series hits the market today for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, with title already garnering high praise.

Some reviewers have already given the game a generous five-star rating, praising everything from the game’s sharp graphics to its use of playground humour.

The game follows four new Vault Hunters as they fight to reclaim the world of Pandora from the evil clutches of Handsome Jack, the charismatic but dastardly CEO of the Hyperion Corporation.

Their ultimate mission is to stop Jack playing his powerful trump card; awakening an ancient alien evil known only as “the Warrior.”

Borderlands 2: Stand out features

The follow-up to the open shooter is bigger and better, according to those who have put the game through its paces.

The title’s colourful and detailed graphics have led it to being described as ‘one of the best looking games of this generation’, allowing characters and settings to be shown off in their best light.

The number and variety of levels offered by the game has also been given the thumbs up and players can explore anything from snow-covered mountain tops to alien animal refuges and robot factories.

Another feature that makes the title stand out from other shooter games is the welcome injection of humour, provided by characters such as Ned and Claptrap.

On the not-so-light hearted side of the game, players will have an even an bigger battle on their hands to defeat the range of enemies they come across. Enemy intelligence levels have been upped and their weak points varied.

Borderlands 2: Characters and talents

Players can select from a choice of four characters: Zero, Axton, Maya and Salavador, with the ability to imbue them with talents that could give them anything from more health to the ability to create more gun damage.

As players progress to higher levels things are taken up a notch and Maya, for example, can pit entire gangs of enemies against each other while Axton is able to deploy his turret on any surface.

With many reviewers struggling to find any holes in the game, and admitting that it has kept them glued to their console screens, it’s probably safe to say that for many Borderlands 2 has lived up to the hype.

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